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Obama says "Gotta have them ribs and pussy too"

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Obama's mother allegedly seen naked, on the same couch, as she is pictured with Obama's real father, a CIA funded Marxist and pornographer, Frank Marshall Davis:

Why do I hate Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as much as I do? Well, I had a contracting business, a wife, a home, a daughter in my life, investments, and a bright future at the time of the Oklahoma City Bombings. Hillary Clinton's alleged White Water evidence and key to her prosecution was allegedly held in the Oklahoma City Building. If there were the only copies of the evidence, and the building blew up, why wasn't Hillary Clinton Prosecuted?

So, Hillary and Bill Clinton blamed the US Patriot Movement aka Constitutional Extremists, and the Militias in the US should be targeted. There needed to be blanket gun confiscation, property and free speech rights curbed, and UN Agenda 21 could be implemented.

The Clintons tried to push their own pre-version of Obama Care. State Police and other agencies were given US Federal Tax Dollars and the operators of the court systems were encouraged to go after those on target lists. Police would frame those on the list, break up their families, and lay wasted to their lives. Those who weren't railroaded to prison could be murdered and have it made to look like suicide. Those on the list would also have local, state, and federal tax issues and would be hounded for money not owed.

The Clintons were able to hide their CIA cocaine trafficking days behind along with their real estate fraud, bribe taking, obstruction of justice, and other crimes.

George H. W. Bush and his dimwit son are bad too. Bill Clinton is a straight up rapist, sexual predator. 

Because I was a gun owner, concealed pistol permit holder, outspoken, self-employed, and/or I had a wife a cop that thought he should have for him, I was threatened with being put on the Terrorist Watch List, aka the No Guy Buy, No Fly List, first called the "Secret Police Enemies List".

So, a horny, dumb as box of rocks cop, who lived with his mother at the time can put a citizen on a terrorist watch list because he perceives the one he put on the list was in his way getting laid!

Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Officer Frank Prochaska told me I really didn't own my home, had no rights, and didn't know the right people to have a contracting business and have a wife so pretty. He told me that I was kicked out of Connecticut, and that my wife could stay.

Prochaska told me that if I didn't leave, he see to it that I was permanently estranged from my own daughter, would lose my contracting business, ability to date, work, find a place to live, and being on the list would mean that I couldn't hide anywhere in the world from police and courts where I would be barbecued for the rest of my life. He threatened to give my name to the international police union.  He did and I was completely barbecued, lost everything, and my daughter continues not to have anything to do with me. I might never even know or meet my own grandchildren if she has them.

I broke no laws.

So, as a taxpayer you've paid 100's of thousands of dollars for US Department of Homeland Security, DHS, to follow me around shopping, getting me fired from jobs, tossed out of living situations, estranged from my only daughter, having a "no dating" policy enforced on me, and to be harassed threatened, railroaded to prison, terrorized by Connecticut State Police out of my home, having all of my civil and criminal court cases fixed against me for the rest of my life, and for the TSA to harass me if I even dare to board a public bus.

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Cops in the State of Connecticut are so used to framing and railroading politically active and outspoken citizens, railroading them to prison, manufacturing evidence, coercing false testimony from their police informants, and committing perjury that they accidentally allowed themselves to be recorded doing what is unofficial, or covert, policy. Check out video below. [Direct Link to video on the James Corbett Report].

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:
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Story #2: After Rate Hike Fake Out, Yellen Responds To Trump
Clinton Tells Trump to Shut Up on Federal Reserve
How the Fed Can Swing the Election
Video: Greenspan Admitted Fed Above Law, Congress and President
Story #3: Government Must Stop Little Free Libraries for the Sake of the Nation
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#GoodNewsNextWeek: #CatsNotAds In The London Underground =^. .^=
#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Pharma-Hackers Show How To Make EpiPen
#AmericasNextTopPresident: Kennedy Says Bush Is Voting For Clinton


The below video might show the biggest liberal fail in the history of the world. 

If Donald Trump is elected for just one reason, and if most of America has a 30 second attention span, Alec Baldwin, playing Donald Trump on SNL is reason alone should elect Donald Trump for US President, November 2016. We need at least 4 years of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on SNL. Alec Baldwin is that funny as Donald Trump. [Direct link to below video]

I was staying with a Saturday Night Live alumni who also hosted a young comedian special with John Candy above New York City. I was staying in her guest bedroom. I was asked to review, "Solitary Birds," a screenplay written by one of Alec Baldwin's alleged friends, who had not written anything relevant in years.

I read the screenplay and used the word, "Crap", and, "Cliche" about a drug drama set in Mexico. I heard Alec Baldwin scream my name telling me that I was a complete F'ing idiot and didn't know what I was talking about. Alec Baldwin screaming your name, swearing and losing it ... priceless.

 That piece of crap screenplay was made into a piece of crap movie that I challenge anyone to admit they have seen. I have seen that "movie" listed on IMDb and no matter what I word search, I can't find it now. Except for this one link:

SNL Alec Baldwin OUTRAGEOUSLY Roast Trump’s Audio Leak: ‘Grab ’em by the P*ssy’ !’


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