Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cracks in Hillary Clinton's coup d'é·tat (putsch)

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We live in historical times in real time. History is being made, minute by minute.

If just one person is willing to stand in front of the tanks of the coup, the jig can be up for all the conspirators. You don't have to see tanks on the street for a coup. An electronic war, is more covert, and is modern warfare. We the people are being attacked and we are currently in a state of war.

Hillary Clinton couldn't legitimately win her New York US Senate seat. [Video] [Post on my blog]

If George Soros, a billionaire, is a co-conspirator acting with Hillary Clinton to fix the US 2016 Presidential election, shouldn't he be arrested wherever he is, and brought to US to face justice for his involvement in the attempted coup here in the US?

If Soros is a major supplier of electronic voting machines that have been rigged to declare Hillary Clinton the winner, no matter the actual vote, he is part of the attempted coup.

If Hillary actually gets in, impeachment proceedings would be filed immediately. The only way she can defend against that is to start as big of a war as is possible.

Al Capone doesn't hold a candle to Hillary.

The CIA is getting federal tax dollars to conduct clandestine operations and use mainstream media to put out lies for their international handlers inside the US. You're paying taxes to be lied to. Why shouldn't the CIA then make up completely bogus polls to say that Hillary is winning, while at the same time most Americans want to vomit simply seeing her picture, or hear her speak?

Hillary is forced to cause some major crap to not go to jail. Her excuse for not being prosecuted will be that she doesn't remember and is too ill of health. If so, what makes her healthy enough, or mentally strong enough, to do her duties as US President?

If Hillary couldn't legitimately get more popular vote than Bernie Sanders without the dirty Richard N. Nixon tricks, how can she actually beat Donald J. Trump? 

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Published on Nov 2, 2016
On this Wednesday, November 2nd 2016 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins to discuss his recent announcement of a "counter-coup" currently taking place and the beginning of the second American Revolution. Former federal prosecutor Doug Hagmann chimes in on WikiLeaks, Project Veritas and the upcoming election. We cover a breaking video from Project Veritas exposing a top Democrat making extremely racist comments. Also, WND's Joseph Farah talks Danney Williams, Huma Abedin and more.

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