Monday, November 07, 2016

F'ing Bumbling Idiots, FBI

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How much more can the FBI suck? Are they a "Law Enforcement agency," or what is their purpose? Are there separate and unequal justice systems for those who sold out to corporate organized crime, international banksters, and billionaires vs. the rest of us average people? Are your a "simp" if you work for the FBI?

James Comey might take over the essence of the FBI from J. Edgar Hoover. No longer is the FBI in the closet, it is out. It is out in the open that it is being blackmailed, member by member. FBI lives don't matter, but Hillary Clinton does.

I was told by a fat cop living with his mother that I could die, or be put on a list if I just didn't leave my life, and home, so he could have a chance with my wife. I didn't know him, but he knew me. Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska was listening in on my phone calls because I was self-employed, a gun owner, a conceal carry pistol permit carrier, and the fact that I had a "hot wife", and he wanted to take all from me to get at my wife.

It used to be illegal under the US Constitution, but because so many laws were broken by so many important people, cretins like Hillary Clinton need to make the US Constitution not matter, and skate over justice no matter the crimes that they commit. We cross the sidewalk with a smile, or other jubilant behavior about being alive will be punished.

Hillary and Bill Clinton may have had a hand in the US Constitution no longer mattering to anyone, forever, and all eternity. 

You have no rights, you don't own anything, and your life doesn't matter. If you're not willing to fight back, your silence signifies acceptance. The international owners of your body, and the land where you live, have determined that you'll not resist and that you'll take any abuse that they're willing to dole out. You are wonderfully proving them right.

Religion, for the elite is a scary thing. 20 to 30 years ago, if the authorities came to a man's home and said that they were going to take away his children, rape his wife, and take away his land and livelihood, the man, the wife, and even the children would fight back with whatever was available, including pitchforks. Now we just wait for that eventual knock on the door. We'll willingly go, right? How sorry are you for your current pathetic state?  

If Hillary and Bill Clinton avoided prosecution by helping arrange, or allowing to happen, the partial blowing up of the Oklahoma City Federal Building where evidence against them was allegedly held, the Clintons had to blame someone else for it. It was you and me. And, they allocated Federal Tax Dollars to make it so. 

Police after the OKC bombing and 9/11 was to then go after farmers, the Amish, gun owners, the outspoken, those who want the US Constitution respected, returning veterans, independent media, and those who are potential leaders in their communities. Those in power don't care how much of your money is used to torture, detain, rape, and murder you. They figure you own nothing, and you have no rights.

Hillary Clinton completely F'd up as Secretary of State. She couldn't have broken more rules and laws. So, let's promote her to US President, right?

If Hillary "wins", the election was stolen. Just the same, I will not listen to, obey, or respect anything Barack Obama, the bag of excrement has to say, it's doubly so for Hillary "The Rotting Meat Corpse" Clinton, if she steals the US Presidency, why live, or why not fight back. I would still consider doing right for what its left of my life for humanity. But other than two people in the entire world. I don't think I should even lift a finger for you.

Silence signifies accemptance. 

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