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How do you just randomly drive by Donald J. Trump?

Scroll down for video at bottom of post. Coup de gras for Hillary Clinton's UN World Government Domination?

I had wanted to meet Donald Trump before he is elected US President. As he rose in popularity, I gave up on seeing him in a small venue.

I was put on the Terrorist Watch List when I was married because a fat cop living with his mother wanted a chance with my life. I broke no laws. I wanted to ask a Trump staffer to get my information to Trump, so that when he is President he could pardon me and take me off the list.

I have been looking at free boats. There are more around then ever before. You just need to pay for transport and/or what the storage costs have been. Getting a yacht for free is a real possibility. When I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and bought a home in 1994 for my family, I never expected a fat cop would listen to my phone calls, troll me on the internet, hang outside my house and tell me tha I don't own anything, that I have no rights, and that he could put me on the "the list", have me beaten, jailed for life, or kill me if I got in his way, told on him, and didn't leave Connecticut so he'd have a chance with my wife.

Today Trump was in his motorcade, driving from Atkinson, New Hampshire, to Manchester, NH. I've eaten at the golf course restaurant that I assume he spoke at. It's scenic looking out the windows, or hanging out at tables in front of the fairway. It's not close to my home in Putney, Vermont, but I'm in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and even in Connecticut if I'm driving a vehicle not registered to me and I keep my face partially covered.

I was working at a new car dealership back in 2012 in Manchester, NH, and would bring the "rats", cars that would be sent to auction, or the junkyard to what was called, "The Airport Lot," which was for employee parking, for what was being shipped in before being processed to sell, and the rats. It was very close to the Manchester Airport. When I saw Air Force 1 just taking off the plane was very near me, maybe a little more than a football field away, I just up on a rat and thrust my middle finger up, and down, and all around hoping Obama was looking out the window. I've actually done that twice to Air Force 1 in 2012. I've been less than 50' from him locking eyes, and said to myself, "Poser."

I shot video footage of Barack Obama 2008, when he ran the first time in Hartford, Connecticut, I think my water bottle incident video has gotten well over 30,000 hits. I shot Hillary Clinton video in a small venue as well in Hartford, Connecticut. She could barely fill a small venue as well back then.

I will not believe, and I won't accept, a Hillary Clinton "win" for US President. The woman couldn't suck any more than she does and just not be netted and locked up.

Hillary Clinton yard signs are less that 1 in 10 as compared to the signs out for Trump. I never seen as many signs as this before, and they are for Trump. The only Hillary Clinton supporters are those just here, flooding are country, those on the dole, those in teacher type unions who are told to vote for Hillary, and just those who want something for nothing. Maybe 1 in 10 will vote for Hillary in my personal opinion.

I've broken no laws and 100's of thousand of US taxpayer dollars have been used to pay State Police their special Homeland Security overtime to hang out 4 at a time while I go shopping, have work done on my car, eat out, or take a walk in the park. I was in a bus traveling from Springfield, Massachusetts, headed to NYC, when the bus driver violently pulled the bus over, took out his TSA lament ID, and asked me to confirm my name, Steven G. Erickson, halfway through the ride.

I was sitting quietly on the bus and the driver said he'd kick the piece of sh*t that I am off his bus if he could, and that he was just supposed to notify Connecticut State Police if I got off the bus in Connecticut. Stafford Springs Police Officer Fat Frank Prochaska did tell me in 1995 that I was permanently kicked out of Connecticut, when I thought I was married, had a contracting business, had a relationship with my only daughter, and a future. The State of Connecticut had a top 6 enemies of the state in the 1990's. I was writing letters to the editor critical of police and the rigged courts which got printed in local newspapers, and had a wife that a police officer wanted for himself, that's it.

So, since I'm on the list, I feel I have no chance to live out my life unmolested if Hillary Clinton scams her way in. I can end up in a "Fun Camp" for re-education, or be indefinitely detained, tortured, then my body can be covertly dumped. But, I do have a life if Trump gets in with a legitimate, devastating landslide victory in the polls.

With all the breaking Wikileak and other news, I don't see how Hillary can legitimately win. She'll need to start a false flag or some other sort of chaos as a distraction.

Fingers crossed that Clinton doesn't pull her sh*t ... although I do believe that if there was evidence in the Oklahoma City Federal Building that could have put the Clintons in prison for White Water, or other crimes, the Clintons would have had something to do with blowing up the building so the evidence would be gone and the prosecution would go away with the mass distraction.

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P.S. after I was put on the list that was to become the Terrorist Watch List, No Gun Buy, and No Fly list, I had no relief from bogus IRS bills for amounts I can never pay back, so I can never own anything. Judges refuse to sit on my civil cases, recusing themselves, and I can't ever get any relief in I'm again falsely arrested to vulnerable to be sent to prison again, guilty of nothing. I have had to pay taxes in multiple towns for the same vehicles, fictitious addresses were made up. I got a bill for $160,000 from the State of Connecticut and I owed zero. The sewer department, dog officer (when I had a dog) health department, building inspector, FBI, state police, local police, town hall, and court workers all seem to have gotten the message through the international police union. I want my bogus IRS bills wiped, I want off the list, and I want some compensation. I no longer own a home, rental properties, have a contracting business, my wife, my daughter in my life, and never thought police would commit perjury one after the other to land me in prison. It took just one horny, scumbag cop to just put me on "the list".

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Published on Nov 4, 2016
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