Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How lame are Obama and Hillary to be lampooned by Dave Chappelle on SNL?

Maybe the funniest, and most honest man alive, is comedian Dave Chappelle.

It takes Dave Chappelle to come out of retirement to really educate the most dumbed down Americans, and they aren't the "minorities". He makes fun of the two sides of "White Riots", and Dave Chappelle should be asked to be some sort of Donald J. Trump's cabinet. If Dave Chappelle was the press secretary for Donald Trump, there would be more views for a US Presidential Speech in the history of the world.

I had no idea that Dave Chappelle was even working anymore. I posted a compilation of his funniest skits on his show on my liveleak video account asking him to come out of retirement.

I truly miss the guy. It's been years.

I thought before the election, there was no better man in the country to make fun of the situation. I had no idea that he would be hosting Saturday Night Live, and do the exact same thing, that only he can do.

I don't watch mainstream media any more than I have to.

Maybe I heard, or saw something, that I really didn't pay attention to. But, here is Dave Chappelle after so long dormant..

SNL, Saturday Night Live must book hosts many months in advance. I posted many days in advance that Dave Chappelle is the best person to most make sense of what is most disturbing now in the US. The cartoonish, election, and the aftermath are begging for Dave Chappelle skits. And then, to my surprise, Dave Chappelle is there, and delivers. Let us all hope there is much more. No one can do it better.

I don't agree with Dave Chappelles' "Mass Shooting" part of his monologue hosting SNL.

Without the 2nd Amendment, there isn't any 1st Amendment or any property rights, or any other rights. A police officer can just kick in your door, kill, rape, rob, torture, indefinitely detain you on any excuse if you'd like the US Constitution to not apply.

If Chappelle could do a Jimi Hendrix skit, or series, he could kill in the viewer ratings. What if Dave Chappelle could channel Jimi Hendrix and do a live up to date commentary on current events?

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Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Monologue - SNL [Direct link to video]

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze Live (1967) [Direct link to video]

Now for the lame. If Dave Chappelle didn't say "Um" and "Ah" every other word, he could have delivered the below much better than I did in 2009 and have gotten national attention. [Direct link to video]


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