Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Now What?

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Published on Nov 9, 2016
VR To Freedom4Kaz

Hillary Clinton's supporters came in their thousands to cheer her victory - but instead they streamed out of her party venue in tears. And just two miles away in Manhattan, Donald Trump's legions raised the roof, chanting 'lock her up' as their candidate romped home to victory.

It was a result that many of them never expected - and the slow realization by both sides that so many polls, predictions and assumptions were completely wrong led to astounding scenes in New York and around the country.


800 Mistakenly Granted Citizenship

7 Trainees Missing From US Bases

WTF?!? US Paid $1.3 Billion To Iran

Iran Destroys Navy Fleet Propaganda

China Warns US Over Missile System

North Korea Able To Produce 20 Nukes

North Korea To Use Small Scale Nuke?!

Putin Ally Says Vote Trump Or Face War

Russia Begins Evac Of 40M People In Drill

US Ready To Hit Back If Russia Disrupts?!?

Large DDoS Attacks Cause Mass Outages!

House Reaches Deal To Avoid Shutdown?!?

Operation Blackjack Info -

Operation Blackjack In Full / Print

Operation Blackjack In Full / Video

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With Hillary in, there probably would have been a nuclear war with Russia, and America would never be the same, and sovereign again. Praise god, Trump is in. 

With Hillary Clinton in I would probably have been scooped up for being on what became the Terrorist Watch List, No Gun Buy List, No Fly List because a fat cop living with his mother in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, wanted a chance with my hot Lithuanian wife with me out of the picture. 

100's of thousands of your Homeland Security tax dollars were spent on Connecticut State Police and other State Police to follow me around shopping, going to the dentist, socializing, and wherever I work police will sit out in their cruisers while I work and then leave when I leave to make me look suspicious to get me fired from jobs, so women I date break up with me, and so I can't get an apartment to rent.
With Trump in, I now have a slim prayer of getting a pardon, and getting the bogus IRS bill that is preventing me from having any sort of life, wiped. If you are reading this, and have any in with the Donald Trump team will you pass my name and story in to Donald Trump asking him to pardon me and end IRS, DHS, TSA, police, and court harassment taking me off the Terrorist Watch List/No Fly List?

I was railroaded to prison because I pepper sprayed a police informant who tried to stab me after he jumped me in my dark driveway trying to get me to give up my wallet. The same individual attacked me in a crowded Stafford Springs, Connecticut, cafe, the Arizona. I dialed 911, and I could see local and State Offices standing around 200 yards down the street at the rotary police station and they came two and have hours after I dialed 911 for having been attacked. Police wanted all the witness gone when they finally did decide to come. 

Since I am on the list, Judges will refuse to sit on any small claims cases I initiate, but will sit on the cases if I'm being sued. Prosecutors are only allowed to give me the maximum prison, fines, and conditions no matter how bogus the charges and evidence is. Lawyers aren't allowed to help me, or they face disbarment or they may receive similar state sponsored harassment from Homeland Security and TSA. 

My former Lithuanian wife picture and story here:

Steven G. Erickson PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT USA 05302 (I only check my mail once a month)


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