Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Putin isn't the Jackass that Barack Obama is

Vladimir Putin seems to be a legitimate, and liked, leader in his own country. Putin is a nationalist, believes in family, and seems to love his country and wants the best for his own. Barack Obama, a Constitutional Lawyer, and researcher, seems to be most bent on destroying the US Constitution, borders in the US, and the financial stability of America. If we in America were in the South American continent in the 1950's, we could understand this blatant CIA plant, and coup, to most destroy America by installing Obama as US President.

Word search, "United Fruit Company." It is a blue print for what the globalists are trying to pull off now in the US. The CIA who works for its international billionaire customers has come home to roost. They're crapping big time in their own backyard. "Don't shit where you eat, CIA."

Nuclear war was as close as Hillary Clinton stealing this past election. Tensions seemed to go down when Donald J. Trump won the election despite the "Big Steal", that was planned by Hillary Clinton, corporate organized crime, the NWO, billionaire cabal, and international banksters.

Are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama above being prosecuted because they started out as CIA operatives? Barack's mom allegedly was a CIA whore put out to pasture to go screw communists, like Obama's supposed real daddy,  Frank Marshall Davis [post].

We the People dodged a very big bullet. 

Could either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama pass a background check to become manager of a single fast food franchise? The answer would be, "No." Each is too sleazy, lazy, arrogant, and incompetent to be able to do the job at a single fast food restaurant!

I hope Donald J. Trump actually drains "The Swamp," which is Washington, DC. "DC", standing for "District of Criminals."

I might actually invest in a Wall Street stock. I would invest in rope that is suitable for use in hanging those who are convicted of Treason.

If Hillary Clinton was deemed competent to run for US President, she should be deemed competent enough to stand trial for treason and crimes against humanity. Chelsea Clinton needs to be the first one to go down for:

18 U.S. Code ยง 4 - Misprision of felony

[Link to the law]

Chelsea Clinton is the weak link in the house of cards. If she made 6 million a year and "owns" a 20 million dollar prime real estate apartment in Manhattan, she personally has profited from the wholesale ripoff of charity designated for the rebuilding of Haiti and aid for the Haitian people.

Chelsea Clinton allegedly is implicated in what WikiLeaks has released. If Chelsea Clinton questioned felonious behavior of Hillary Clinton and/or the Clinton Foundation and/or CGI, the Clinton Global Initiative, and then didn't report the crimes, Chelsea is subject to being arrested, going to trial, and then going to prison if convicted.

Martha Stewart may have done nothing wrong. She may, or may not have had insider trading information. She may have made conflicting statements to the FBI. Martha Stewart went to Federal Prison. Chelsea may have committed 100,000 times more serious of offenses in Chelsea's series of her crime sprees. That is if Martha Stewart did anything wrong at all.

If we're all equal under the law, let's have the law have at Barack Obama, Dick Cheney. George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Donald Rumsfeld, etc until elected officials and their criminal lobbyist and billionaire friends fear us, and not the other way around. Let's stretch the necks of those who most deserve it.


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I posted the above because I saw a propaganda piece about Putin's response to the latest Obama Regime's B.S. and posturing by doing what he should. The Drudge Report links to news stories from various platforms, some are just lying propaganda put out by corporate organized crime and their international bankster cronies. Most Drudge readers can decipher what is complete B.S.

Drudge is awesome:


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