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What is the Hillary Clinton Body Count?

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Where's Jimmy the Greek when he's needed the most?

What are the odds of people who get in the way of the Clinton Crime Machine, who tattle on the Clintons, who are in the way of Clinton being "elected", and/or who could testify against the Clintons in the civil and criminal court cases dying of "natural causes", committing suicide, or being very publicly and brutally murdered?

If there was evidence of Clinton Organized Crime activity held at the Oklahoma City Federal Building, and then the building blows up, and then there is no prosecution of the Clintons, what are the odds of that?

Right after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, farmers, ranchers, gun owners, independent media telling on the Clintons, militia, the outspoken, self-employed, small business owners ... and your truly, became on the lists of typed of people that could be gone after in a extrajudicial way, and put on [the secret police enemies list]. After 9/11 this list morphed into the No Gun Buy, No Fly, and Terrorist Watch List.

Suggest that you go to [Corbett Report] and then use the word search box to the right under the site's logo and type in "Oklahoma City Bombing".  James Corbett is an academic, a former English Teacher living in Japan, who does his research, has credible sources, and videos and interesting links. Please check out the videos on the Oklahoma City Bombing available for view on his site.

After the OKC bombing cops nationwide were given federal tax dollars to set up innocent citizens, commit perjury, manufacture evidence, use police informants as honey traps, use police informants to beat up citizens on the target list, illegally spy on citizens, murder citizens on the list, and to rig court cases against target citizens is the legacy of the Clintons we live with.

When Bill was Arkansas, there is a mountain of evidence that the Clintons ran a CIA cocaine trafficking operation out of Mena Arkansas Airport, and a lot of the cocaine flying in on CIA and/or Military transports was loaded into State Police cruiser trunks and/or on trains for distribution. [Corbett Report video, Meet the Clintons, breaks it down]. 

100% of all civil and criminal court cases can be rigged for innocence, or guilt, regardless of the evidence and whether a defendant actually did anything wrong, or not. This probably would not be the case, if not for the Clintons. Elena Sassower breaks in down in [this video]. Is there evidence that Hillary Clinton stacked the New York Federal Court of Appeals to fix court cases as pay back to her international New York US Senate Campaign?

Independent media sources like [The Drudge Report] have long been in the Clintons' cross-hairs. Bloggers like yours truly can find themselves banned from websites and their computers hacked into just for being critical of Hillary or Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, or the Clinton Global Initiative, CGI. 

The US Constitution gets in the way of the Clinton Machine.

Free Speech gets in their way, and they know without the 2nd Amendment, there is no 1st Amendment. Property Rights and basic human rights would then fall to the wayside as well. AJ Fontaine and former Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective Richard Murzin agreed to work on a documentary and public access television series on the above subjects. They both died of "natural causes" within hours of each other about 2 weeks before we were to start the project.

Fontaine (sp?) and Murzin were in the State of Connecticut, had cell phones, had evidence, and I did not, had no cell phone, and was in the outback of Vermont, basically in hiding. After their mysterious deaths I was in no hurry to get a cell phone. Police contacted my father to have him tell him who I was dating, where I worked, what I was driving, and where I was living, so that all I had built up again could be completely lost. Thanks Dad for helping the American KGB! I broke no laws, and quit talking to him after the last time my father called me demanding to know who I was dating, where I lived, what I was driving, and where I worked to he could then call the State Police.

You all, now live in this same country, if you're here. This Clinton type abuse is going global.

In the ensuing witch hunt, that lasts to this day, we are targets to lose our jobs, homes, family unity, our freedom, to be harassed, beaten, lose family unity, reputations, retirement, sum total of our life's work, and even losing our lives due to the Clinton Legacy, is this okay with you?

If the 2016 election was to be contested, and then the winner decided in the US Supreme Court, and if [Justice Antonin Scalia] would be the single deciding vote, do you have any questions on why he may have mysteriously, and recently died? 

Silence signifies acceptance.

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Published on Oct 22, 2016
Hillary Clinton And The Mysterious Deaths Around Her. [Direct Link to Video]

Mysterious Deaths Around Hillary Clinton

Democratic Party Set To Dump Hillary Clinton [Direct link to video]

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Published on Nov 1, 2016
There are indications that point to the fact that the Democratic Party will dump Hillary Clinton. Paul Joseph Watson talks to Bill Mitchell about this and also about the Polls that are misrepresenting Donald Trump. According to Bill Mitchell Trump is up for a landslide Win.
Alex Jones Show 11/1/16.

Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary - Serial Killer for President! [Direct link to video]

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Published on Sep 10, 2016
This is the definitive documentary on the Hillary and Bill Clinton killing spree that has been ongoing since they burst onto the scene in Arkansas. A trail of dead and mysterious deaths surround the Clinton's and I document 114 and more deaths in this film that they are directly connected to. Hill and Bill are Illuminati puppets, that are killing off anyone who might expose the 4th branches operations. Bill and Hillary are some of the most proficient serial killers of all time and need to be put into prison immediately.

Please enjoy the film!

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Bill Clinton Leaving Ron Brown's Funeral:

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