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Why shouldn't Billionaire George Soros be Drone Bombed?

Why shouldn't Billionaire George Soros be Drone Bombed?

If citizens of any country who are completely innocent, and are near a drone bombing, they are then listed as terrorists. And, if very poor families who are living in a one room hut without plumbing and electricity out on the sand, and can't point out the US on a globe are routinely bombed, is it about how much power and influence a random drone bombing target/victim has, or has not?

If George Soros has destabilized other nations for his profit, why is he getting away with trying to destabilize the US and rig elections here? Why hasn't George Soros been brought to justice? Are alleged Bilderbergers, aka NWO, immune from prosecution internationally?   

If Soros is funding Black Lives Matter and is funding the destabilization and trying to start a race war with operatives inciting beatings and murder of police officers, isn't Soros declaring war on the US?

Did Soros and other criminal elite meet with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in secret outside the US in 2008, to decide that Obama was their guy in 2008, and if Hillary stood down in 2008, she was promised the US presidency in 2016? Clinton blatantly stole the Democratic Nomination from Bernie Sanders having been fed debate questions and being given super delegates, no matter the popular vote.  If Clinton was knowingly cheating, and rigging her election, when did she stop, or did she?

Why isn't Hillary Clinton handcuffed, mugshot taken, fingerprinted, processed, and thrown in county, or federal, lockup to await trial? If Barack flew out of the US to discuss rigging the 2008 election, shouldn't Obama be arrested and prosecuted as well?

If Barack Obama's mom was an international whore for the CIA, what does that make Barack? If Barack, Bill, and Hillary started out as CIA operatives, are they immune from having real investigations and being brought to trial? Is Soros operating with the permission and blessing of the CIA? 

But, if Soros has committed acts of war against America, and Americans, shouldn't George Soros be a target for a drone strike no matter what value, or influence, he has, or has not with the CIA?

Is it about the interests of Americans in America, or is about profit and world domination for the less that 1% of the world's most elite?

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I just posted the below comment [to this video's comment section on LiveLeak]:

After the OKC Fed building bombing in 1994, the Clintons blamed domestic terrorists. So, police outside of law, could frame gun owners, farmers, self-employed, outspoken, and Clinton enemies. Prosecutors and judges would show no mercy for targets on the list no mercy. 
It meant for being in a certain category police were getting extra federal dollars to tap phones, harass, ruin, have police informants beat up or even kill, frame, and railroad to prison targets on the list. 
I was self-employed as a contractor, so a fat cop living with his mother listened in on my wife, and I. Fat Frank Prochaska Stafford Springs, Connecticut, constable became infatuated with my wife. 
He'd be out in my driveway waiting for me if I had sex with my wife the night before. He beat me in my driveway for having fed my wife macaroni and cheese saying it was too fattening and he wanted her to stay skinny. 
Prochaska told me that he would put me on "the list" which became the No Fly/No Gun Buy Terrorist Watch List if I just didn't leave Connecticut, so he'd have a chance with my wife. 
 Being on the list means police will not respond to my 911 calls or will show up hours later, but will be right on the scene and arrest me if someone else calls. Police aren't allowed to serve me, and lawyers, prosecutors, and judges are required in concert to give me as bad an experience in court as is possible. 
You paid 100's thousands of your US taxpayer dollars just so State Police, sometimes as many as 4 to follow me around all day as I work, shop, go to the dentist, go on a date, eat out, whatever. Because of being put on the list I got divorced, am permanently estranged from my daughter and most of family, lost my house, rental properties, contracting business, and was railroaded to prison for having been attacked by a police informant on my own property ... all for being on the list.

P.S. I forgot to add that I got IRS bills that are bogus, but are so high, I'll never be able to pay them, or actually own anything without it being seized. I can't even keep money in a bank account without the worry of it being seized. If we go to cashless, I'm F'd! I intend on asking Donald J. Trump for a pardon and for remedy. I would like to see him, "Make America Great Again."

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I expected Hollywood types to totally trash Donald J. Trump, and sing the praises of Hillary Clinton. Bill Burr is a guest on the Conan O'Brien show. I was really surprised when Hillary was called out for going to Bilderberg meetings and going to "Eyes Wide Shut," types of parties ... Enjoy:

[Direct link to below video]


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Climate change is BS "science". The corporations and bankers that are getting too much taxpayer money need to steal more, and more, money. Corporations and bankers pollute the world with their pollution. We shouldn't suffer an international tax to breathe. We breathe in oxygen, and then exhale carbon dioxide. Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, then exhale oxygen. I am breathing to save a tree.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 2:07:00 AM  

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