Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Witch's Coup?

I don't have cable. CNN was on where I was having a whiskey on the rocks and having dinner. CNN claims that Hillary Clinton has 68 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 48. I will not accept Hillary Clinton's nomination as President, no matter what.

A gaggle of international criminal corporate organized crime cabals have funded Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and Clinton Global Initiative, CGI. International bankers, billionaires, and all those who make war munitions, and profit from narcotics trafficking, conflicts, white collar crime, murder for hire, wars, toppling dictators and legitimate governments, and who are for a UN world tax on average citizens for the right to breathe are, all are for Clinton. If they weren't they could be prosecuted and not have world tax dollars from their Ponzi Scheme victims.

At least Donald Trump is a nationalist and cares about his country.

International Felon and perpetrator of crimes against humanity, billionaire, George Soros, is a close associate and donor to many of the Clintons' schemes to enrich themselves and rip you, and me, and we the people, off.

Soros' companies supplied rigged voting machines to key battleground states and these machines have vote flipping and other software design to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

I filmed Elena Sassower back in 2008 after she provided 12 boxes of documents regarding Hillary Clinton's fixing of her New York US Senate election.

Links and video here:

The only levity I had tonight after the CNN claim of Hillary "winning", I told a joke: "Why doesn't Hillary Clinton wear underwear?" The answer: "So, she'll have better grip as she flies over the White House."

I have driven from Brattleboro, Vermont, to the Colorado Rockies last November to go skiing and then to S. Florida. I took my time driving and stopped at rest stops, diners, bars, laundromats, parks, art exhibits and also even got near to where the original, "The Shining," movie was filmed. Less than one in 10 people had support for Hillary.

The biggest lie in the history of the world told to date might just be that, "Hillary won the election of 2016."

Well if the "election" is disputed in the Supreme Court, the one member who'd most likely be the one vote to break the balance and give Trump the thumbs up, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, was whacked gangland and/or New World Order style at a secret order ritualistic event for the elite, found with a pillow over his face.

Ask who benefits.

Who benefited from the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing? Well, if there was evidence against the Clintons to put them both in prison for heinous financial organized crime activity, the bombing was awful convenient and beneficial to them. The Clintons could then blame, and go after their enemies blaming us for their evil deed.

With Hillary in, you can experience this:

and have a bogus IRS bill that is so outrageous that you can never pay it, own anything, or recover. With Hillary in, I maybe sent off to her "Fun Camp" and then "Re-educated".

With Trump in, I could at least have a small prayer for a pardon, Hillary and Bill in jail, and compensation for all the suffering. After the OKC bombing even the Amish weren't safe. 100's of thousand of dollars to SWAT team the Amish. The Amish would give away milk, and then after months, or even years of an informant getting the Amish to trust, they then gave the Amish a donation for the milk, cheese, yogurt, or whatever and then there was an excuse for a Waco type federal raid, SWAT team style.

The "Enemies List", that local police had, the Clintons had, and the elite have, became the No Fly List, No Gun Buy List, and Terrorist Watch List. Your only crime could be that you have an attractive wife that a fat, dumb as a box of rocks cop living with his mother wants for himself. I broke no laws and he threatened me with being put on the list if I just didn't leave my wife and home and let him have a chance.

You taxpayers paid 100's of thousands of your tax dollars for Homeland Security Overtime for Connecticut State Police to follow me around, harass and threaten me, railroad me to prison for being beaten on my own property, and for the TSA harassment that I also suffered.

With Hillary in, you'll all get a taste of this soon enough.


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