Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hillary and Obama's Fake News Ploy to discredit Trump, Plan to Seize Power?

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The CIA is allowed to by law, use US taxpayer dollars to spew out complete propaganda. Who do the CIA prop up? Well, in the 1950's, international corporations and bankers enjoyed the spoils from countries in S. America. Legitimate leaders were taken out using covert operations, propagandizing the public, pulling off false flag organizations, and having taxpayers fund straight up assassinations and coups. To secures the trillions being stolen by their people, how far would the CIA/UN/International Banksters/Corporate Organized Crime go to keep their gravy train?

Would Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the CIA, bankers, billionaires from the dark side, corporate organized crime, and their criminal cronies arrange to have Donald J. Trump assassinated or just go for a straight up coup? 

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The CIA's SECRET Plan For President Trump [Direct Link to Video]


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