Thursday, January 12, 2017

Celebrating Trump victory in NYC eating caviar and drinking 12 year old Scotch at the Russian Tea Room

Having caviar and Single Malt Scotch in the Russian Tea Room was on my bucket list. So was using the C word as many times as possible to my father's 2nd wife who threw out my baby pictures and those of my 2 younger sisters as soon as she moved in the house that we all grew up in. I normally don't watch network news like CNN or read the USA Today newspaper, but I couldn't believe all the fake news and hit pieces targeting trump in what is considered mainstream news.

Trump gave a news conference and I couldn't even get near Trump Towers. The security and police presence was too much. I just wanted to shoot some video to use for a green screen background to shoot a future video. 

Really, I'd like to grade Obama's presidential report card. I give him straight F's. Barack Obama is a constitutional scholar and did his damnist to dismantle the US Constitution,  not protect, defend, and honor it. Hillary Rodham Clinton would have been an even worst disaster. She cheated in the debates with Bernie Sanders and should have been disqualified to run just on that. Clinton might be the worst, blatantly corrupt, habitual lying, and most dishonest, US Secretary of State ever, and she wants a promotion!

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Epic Trump News Conference! - Full Show - - 01/11/2016 [Direct link to Alex Jones Infowars video]


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