Sunday, January 22, 2017

George Soros and Mental Illness partly behind Women's Trump March/Protest?

Scroll down in post for video [direct link]: (See this video of possibly mental illness while you can)

I don't believe Trump is against women, transgenders, minorities, and any constitutionally protected behaviors. George Soros, a billionaire has financed Black Lives Matter illegal activity, election rigging, the real fake news, inciting civil wars in other countries, puppet regimes, strife, mayhem, chaos, and the erasing of national borders. Why hasn't this cretin been drone bombed or hauled in wearing handcuffs and leg irons? 

[New York Times story]:

This blogger's video uploads and favorites on [found here]

Alex Jones video channel [found here]

STAND UP. #WomensMarch

Madonna Threatens to Bomb the White House - During Women's March Speech in D.C. [Direct link to Mark Dice video]


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