Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moonbats losing their minds with Trump in Office

I did an image search for word, "Moonbat," and the above photo was up high on the list. It fits. When some liberal moonbats only have a steady diet of Facebook and mainstream media, it is amazing, they yell, rant, and scream wanting Trump killed and out of office. I talked to one Hispanic woman yesterday. She started crying saying Trump is a racist. I asked her to tell me one racist thing that Trump has done or said.

She talked about the wall. Her severely handicapped, mid teens son, made some statement that he'd like to kill Trump like he was JFK, some song that is being passed around online! Billionaire George Soros will spend his billions to attempt to destabilize the US Government. He is a breaker of nation states, and the Ukraine and other countries having riots on the streets is his handy work. Soros funds Black Lives Matter just to cause the murder of police, mayhem, and a possible start of a civil war in the US. Why isn’t Soros in some dark, dank prison, or even drone bombed?

Madonna can talk about blowing up the White House, and amazingly, there is no news clip of her being hauled away in handcuffs.

I have an Iranian friend. He’s afraid some of his extended family can’t come to visit him in the US. He, nor his family, in my opinion is any threat to America. The CIA was a real threat to his country in the 1950's. British Petroleum wanted Iranian oil. The CIA had operatives blow up school buses, attack schools, cause civil unrest on the streets, and help install a CIA puppet leader, the Shah. So, who is a danger to whom?

I have a psychologist friend. He is an avid Hillary Clinton fan and Trump hater. He’s only praised Hillary to date, and slams Trump. Monday night he made a drastic departure. He was angry about all his weak minded clients who are losing their minds making all sorts for threats wanting harm or death to come to Trump. The psychologist claims that clients are suggesting some pretty outrageous, violent, and treasonous actions. All it takes is one deranged wind up toy to act out on one of these.

If I think there is any credible threat against Trump, as much as I mistrust the American authorities, local, state, and federal, I’ll make a phone call.

The most unproductive, mentally challenged, and most gullible citizens are being fed an unrestricted diet of George Soros funded propaganda to harm national tranquility. Mainstream media is paid to lie and spew propaganda paid with US taxpayer dollars funneled into them by the CIA.

Domestic strife is being funded by those who want to topple legitimate representative government.


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