Friday, January 20, 2017

NoBama Day, my first annual personal holiday. Congrats to Trump and Nation

Above photo is currently the main photo post on the Drudge Report.

I listened to the oath of office Trump took to become the 45th US President. 

I realized that Barrack Obama spent everyday of his Presidency defiling and dismantling the US Constitution. 

Hopefully Trump and the pursuit of treasonous traitors is relentless. The Clinton Global Initiative shut down before Trump got in. CGI seemed to be a pay to play, where Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill Clinton sold out America to foreign interests, others, criminal billionaires, and the worst actors out there. 

The UN and UNESCO needs to be completely thrown out of the US. 

The swamp needs to be drained. 

Conflagrations Donald J. Trump, the nation, and me personally. 

I will celebrate today, and each future January 20, as a new rebirth of a nation, my own personal holiday, NoBama Day!


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