Saturday, January 07, 2017

Relaxing in my almost free to use McMansion, and then the news

This is my kerosene heater shown fired up inside a garage of an abandoned McMansion. The water and electricity has been shut off. But solar panels and wind feeding 4 deep cell batteries for electricity and "found" water makes life good. [Audio about adverse taking possession of abandoned property, or property with taxes due, or is a foreclosure, benefiting international criminal banksters,  as a video on youtube].

If you're taking adverse possession of property in the suburbs and have nothing, and want to live cheaply, kerosene space heaters are the way to go. I like wood stoves in the outback. Having a diesel vehicle and power inverters can be nice too. I've had the wind in my sails out on the ocean, and there is no purer living off-grid.

Was going to leave my lair tonight in my secret McMansion, but there was some sort of event at the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Airport. My sister said she was at that airport and a good friend of mine also let me know he was there. I'm not watching CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, or any mainstream news, so my world isn't rocked. So, it just more of the same false flag BS if there is no proof that the alleged perpetrator didn't fly in through Air Canada or from another source. This was convenient "terrorism" when those in control, or who have billions of dollars in wealth, want even more. 

I expend a lot of energy keeping warm, fed, and informed the way that I want to be. The Ft. Lauderdale incident disrupted my next 2 weeks of my life. I am probably not hanging out with friends in Providence, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and in New York City as those with whom I was to meet aren't now traveling.

I believe the simplest things in life can bring the most pleasure and reassurance just to be human.

If I want to be a big shot, a salesperson for true and non-corporate green energy worldwide, I have to live among the people and live as I preach.

I have lived on borrowed time. Each day for me is a gift. I was conceived outside of wedlock and lived life initially as a true bastard child. My eyes were open early.

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