Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Why would Trump question his "losing" the popular vote?

Picture above is a US President Donald J. Trump lithograph offered by Alex Jones of at his store [link].

Why would Trump question his "losing" the popular vote?

Well, if there was UN, billionaire nation destabalizer George Soros, Central Bankers, Davos types, deplorable factions of the CIA, Hillary Clinton and her crew, corporate organized crime who conspired to have a coup d'├ętat, Trump has declared war on the conspirators. Hillary did such a bad job, was so blatantly dishonest, and corrupt, as US Secretary of State why promote her to President?

Clinton is divisive. She had no way of legitimately winning the popular vote. By flooding in all sorts of illegal aliens who would vote for Hillary, and help with chaos, mayhem, and civil unrest, it is treason and an attempted coup.

Challenging the theft of the popular vote, the most comprehensive attack on enemies of national sovereignty, free speech, the US Constitution can be initiated in one neat package.

I applaud Trump making individual slices of Globalist Toast.


Gloria Steinem, feminist, admits she took CIA money to help destroy the American Family and the foundations of traditional US. Slide into about 1:55:00 for more in [this Alex Jones video].


The CIA is necessary, but needs some of its factions wiped out and/or prosecuted. Trump is the CIA's best friend and worst enemy at the same time. It seems he intends of fixing the excesses. Without the fixing of the excesses, the CIA may have a bleak future, or just push the envelope of domination and we'll all be sorry all over the world.

Trump could possibly reign in the CIA. That could mean that the CIA acts in for core America's interests, not that of the globalists.

Kicking the UN out of the US can only be a good thing.

                       -The SRV


Why are domestic spying and current CIA tactics bad? Well, I wrote Donald J. Trump a letter. [Text of letter is found here]. 


Why shouldn't billionaire George Soros not be drone bombed? [Stark Raving Viking blog post]


I try not to make every post be about me, but there is no way in hell that I could have posted this and written to Hillary Clinton about her style of abuse of citizens who believe in the US Constitution, or formerly, Living the American Dream. Had I posted this during the coup that could have succeeded in making Hillary Clinton, US President, I would have been sent to the "Hillary Clinton Fun Camp." 

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