Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bar Talk: Joining Militias, Militias to protect Trump?

It's hard to hang out in biker and so called, "Redneck bars," when you aren't drinking alcohol, hate any kind of soda pop, and are on a special diet of eating healthy food, mainly in the raw. Even still, I'm able to strike up some political conversations.

Those who have hunted their entire lives, those who have never even held a firearm, and many who'd you'd never even thought would ever even have a bit of inkling to join, or initiate their own militias, is going on. I'm talking of areas off the beaten track in Maryland and Virginia ... and probably around the country.

Citizens are actually worried that there is some sort of international banker, corporate, or other power conspiracy to dislodge Trump and undermine our US Constitution. I don't know if it is just talk, or whether, or not, it will translate into action. But there is an increased sense, that firearms are more for protecting oneself, for protecting legitimate government, and to fight the threat of international threats to undermine our sovereignty and way of life is afoot.

I am friends with academics and those in the mental health field. Therapists and psychologists like to talk to me, probably therapy for them. After hearing those talking about their mental illnesses and their questionable behaviors, mental health professionals need to vent. An overly high percentage of them are unabashed Hillary Clinton supporters. Some are so alarmed that Trump is in office they are talking about arming themselves, storing food, and preparing for the hoards of Trump supporters who'll overrun their lifestyles and liberal beliefs. This is actually funny because they are unknowingly taking on the ideology opposite of their globalist pandering lives.

In Sweden, Germany, many European countries, and especially France unrestricted immigration of militant Muslims from war and conflict areas haven't worked out so well. There is such an influx of legal, or illegal, immigrants from Somalia, points in Africa, and especially from countries that are in conflict and war in the Arab world flooding into the US, many women of all races who are at least 2nd generation Americans are considering, or are, arming themselves to ward off rape, robbery, and to feel safe just getting to and from work. Women showing their unlicensed and illegal firearms in their purses in a bar is not uncommon ...

I would suppose that the vast majority of taxpaying citizens who are arming themselves are doing so, legally.

Many are just seeing for the first time, that mainstream media is just shameless propaganda inspired by the CIA. Paid for with US tax dollars.

Bar talk is bar talk. Most of what I hear, I think people just are venting with no real action that will ever happen ... but the Revolutionary War was allegedly won by the 3% who did take action and follow through on their words.

With groups like Black Lives Matter funded by international criminal billionaire George Soros, it is about destabilizing nations for profit. If Soros is funding propaganda to get cops killed to cause civil unrest, if I was a cop, I'd advocate drone bombing Soros as direct message to other international criminal globalists with too much money and too much money to do us all harm. If I were a cop, I would question my international police union as being anti-sovereignty, anti-America, and would question what kind of mayhem and strife the union is actually supporting and funding.


I hate the Clintons for the agenda after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing. The blame was put on militias, farmers, ranchers, the self-employed, gun owners, and the outspoken "Constitutional Extremists."

There weren't many militias. Police were given federal tax dollars to go after those who would resist international police union agendas such as the construction of a police state with unlimited police powers, the suspension of the Constitution, and the conducting of Martial Law and/or Stealthy conducted Martial Law. Police were encouraged to infiltrate militias, hate groups, street gangs, traditional Mafia etc. to encourage them to break laws and/or assist in their revenue collection, drug trafficking, and property confiscation scams on hardworking, taxpaying average Americans.

Police were paid tax dollars to lie, commit perjury, file false police reports, manufacture evidence, and set up citizens for prison. Those who are, or were self-employed, or who are, or were gun owners, and/or pistol permit concealed carry holders could be put on a list for false arrests, prison, family break up, and having their lives ruined just because of their category, not because they posed any threat to society.

My letter to George W. Bush, 9-15-01, partially describing being under siege by police for being self-employed [here], click on documents to make them big enough to read.  The letter only increased the retaliation and harassment machine of the Connecticut State Police, and I was attacked by one of their police informants on my property 10-11-01, and was an excuse to railroad me to prison.

If you are put on what was, or is, the terrorist watch list, no fly, no gun buy list, judges and prosecutors are so corrupt you will have no luck in civil or criminal court. Just a barbecue will result, I can attest. Up to a 100% of US court cases can be decided in private before any hearing is even held.

I wrote to US President Donald J. Trump, [text here].

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

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P.S. most of those who I talk to are calling BS on Vladimir Putin and Russia being a threat to average Americans. Most believe that the "Russian hack of the US election," is just more lies out of the Hillary Rodham Clinton camp. Imagine all the profits that international bankers, corporate organized crime, war profiteers (including chemical corporations such as Monsanto), Big Pharma, billionaires, and the NWO would have received if Hillary had successfully lied, and stole her way in. Has anyone in history so begged to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?


Gerald Celente - Polls: The People Want Peace, The Government Wants War! [direct link to video]


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