Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Massive arrests nationwide for PizzaGate pedophilia scandal?

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I have 2 friends who are dead trying to expose my trials and tribulations.

I am on the terrorist watchlist for having an attractive wife, who a dumb as a box of rocks, fat, police officer, living with his mother in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, wanted for himself. Police Officer Fat Frank Prochaska cost you 100's of thousands of dollars, just harassing me with Homeland Security tax dollars paid for officer overtime.

2 of my friends had hardcopy evidence of police, DHS, DCF, the courts, legislators, various Mafias, and their friends kidnapping children, selling into sex slavery individuals and children, drug trafficking, officials taking bribes to enrich connected individuals with tax dollars, beatings, setting citizens who are mouthy for death or long prison sentences, murder for hire, and profit from police state and having more more wars for insiders.

Two of my friends died of "natural causes" after having the above evidence and hardcopy evidence on the police state, domestic spying, and judicial abuse of yours truly, Steven G. Erickson.

RIP Rich Murzin and AJ Fontaine (sp?) video [click here].

My letter to Trump, [text found here].  My beef with the system, with names, [found here].

For international banks to take advantage of us, for corporate organized crime to take advantage of us, for a never ending drug war, endless wars and police actions, for spy organizations to steal billions and trillions of tax dollars, and for what we have currently, all that is needed is for judges who have sold out to the highest bidders to run amuck in what are called "courts of law".

Court cases, civil and criminal, are decided before they are held, worldwide. It's a global problem. Judges need to be investigated for where they have most profited to figure out who bribed them, and for what.

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Text with below video:

Published on Feb 13, 2017
The mother of a PizzaGate pedophile victim breaks her silence and speaks out in this explosive and EXCLUSIVE interview. Nancy Pelosi is connected. Plus...an update on the massive nationwide arrests happening now in the Pizzagate scandal. David Zublick brings you the horrible truth!

PizzaGate Pedophile Victim's Mom Speaks Out In Exclusive Tell-All [Direct link to video]


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