Sunday, February 19, 2017

McCain vs. Trump

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McCain is a Republican. So is Trump. McCain is a turncoat for shamelessly attacking the Republican US President, Donald J. Trump. McCain could've chosen to remain silent, not attack with the Hillary Clinton attempted coup.

Arizona US Senator John McCain is an obvious UN/Corporate minion, in my opinion, an absolute traitor to the interests of average Americans. He is a Vietnam Veteran who was tortured. I don't consider him any hero. His nickname was "Wet start Johnny," who'd let raw fuel out and then cause the fuel to burn on an aircraft carrier putting airman, and the ship, at risk. Is John McCain responsible for the fire on the USS Forrestal aircraft carrier. [Wikipedia post]

McCain legislates that torture is okay for US to inflict on US citizens and citizens globally. What a hypocrite piece of excrement!

McCain would have been a worse, or similar, sell-out to the UN, billionaires, NWO, bankers, Wall St., and international corporate organized crime had he become US President winning the election over Barrack Obama. McCain needs to have his money trail investigated to see who is financing him.

Is John McCain personally responsible for at least 134 sailors? If he wasn't prosecuted, is he a Bilderberger, special, or owes the shadow government a lifetime of favors?

McCain and the Forrestal fire [Link to video]


McCain and Richard Blumenthal are part of the swamp Trump should have drained. 


Former Connecticut Attorney General Richard "Dick" Blumenthal [Wikipedia post] is another unabashed critic of Donald J. Trump. As Attorney General, Dick called himself "The People's Lawyer," on his official website. He seemed to not care about any citizens who were victims of Connecticut's rampant official corruption, predatory policing, and judicial whorehouse. I reported [this story] to Blumenthal's Connecticut Attorney General's office, and nothing was done, and no questions were asked.

If Blumenthal covered up corruption and defended the perpetrators is he guilty of racketeering, obstruction of justice, and [Misprison of a Felony]?

Former Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd took bribes from bankers and predatory mortgage lenders while on the US Senate Banking Committee, as the head, the Chair. I had sent Dodd a letter detailing Connecticut State Police misconduct, and their harassment of me, The Connecticut State Police harassment and abuse only increased after the letter. Blumenthal as Attorney General refused to pursue Dodd for his corruption, and Dodd's possibly being a key catalyst to the great recession with his treason.

"Blumie" got to sit in Dodd's vacated Connecticut US Senate seat. Blumenthal is an alleged Bilderberger and allegedly owns half the Empire State Building with his wife, has massive holdings, and is an unabashed insider who a globalist, not for us.

[Click here for]:

Pedicure or Toenail Painting?

Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General.

He calls himself the "Public's Lawyer". Blumenthal seems too busy to care about citizen complaints or [public corruption].

The Connecticut "Justice System" has the morals of a Whorehouse. If those you complain to about public corruption are allegedly part of the profiteering, racketeering, obstruction of justice, and the attorney, legislator, executive branch, judicial, prosecutorial, official, and police misconduct, what do you think happens to the complainer? How "ethical" are any investigations if there is no requirement that there is ethics in government?

Self-policing doesn't work. Rich



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