Saturday, February 18, 2017

Taking Adverse Possession of Property, Part 2

This is a random image that I found using image search term, "McMansion."

I did a video [link] of an audio interview of Bob Hurt of Florida on the subject of taking adverse possession of abandoned property. It can be vacant because taxes are owed, death of owner, or because the house is going to be foreclosed upon. I've allegedly occupied houses simply as an "experiment", and/or for producing a video on it, such as, Prepping for Martial Law."

I became homeless in Vermont for a very short time. I lived outside in the cold and snow. I survived, but being prepared has never left me.

I know how to use a storage unit as a shelter, pay $25 per month to put up one of those temporary garages sold by Harbor Freight and rent a parking spot for it.

12 volt deep cell batteries are best for storing power from wind and/or solar. Before I had solar panels, I allegedly rescued an old VW diesel Rabbit. I inflated the tires and used a tow dolly to tow the relic behind a pickup truck to move it. Hooking an inverter to it I had a cheap generator for power. Non turbo diesel engines are absolute misers of fuel, and can run, and run, and run without the oil needing to be changed, spark plugs, or tune ups.

Heating oil can be "rescued" and used as diesel, but make sure to add diesel additive to fuel so it won't clog injectors. I let the car run during the day for 1 to 2 hours to replace the power that I drained from batteries during the night.

Powerboats and sailboats moored out in the water or up on jack stands in a boatyard are an awesome way to live off the grid as well.

Golf carts are the best source of the best deep cell batteries, but electric forklifts are even better. Those have 6 volt batteries and you need to run 2 of them negative to positive to have them strung together to make 12 volts. 12 volt batteries can be strung together positive to positive, negative to negative for a bank of batteries to store power.

The best way to keep warm inside a house that doesn't have it's own source of power is kerosene heaters that don't require power to run. Propane, natural gas, and gasoline create carbon monoxide and can kill you without you even being aware the process is happening. Diesel and kerosene don't create carbon monoxide. The smaller the area in a house, shelter, garage, storage unit, shelter, the easier it is to keep warm.

I allegedly had use of a McMansion for about 2 years. The garage was handy to work on cars and to live in it needed. I allegedly rescued a propane water heater from an old camper. It only heats 6 gallons of water and using a camper shower head is best. A 12 volt camper water pump can run off a single 12 volt deep cell or car battery. Car batteries aren't made to be drained down and recharged multiple times, deep cell batteries are.

Allegedly borrowing a lawn tractor once a week, kept the grass mowed around property. Neighbors asked if I had bought the property. Said, "No, I am just maintaining the property."

The pipes had frozen during the winter. The baseboard heaters for oil fired water, so all those froze too. The one toilet hadn't frozen and broke, so the mini living quarters were the master bath and master bedroom. I had running water as I had a 55 gallon plastic barrel that I pumped up to it using 12 volt pump. So, I had a completely off grid living situation in plain sight!

All of the above is complete fiction. I don't advise anyone to break any laws. I am working on the above as a video project, complete fiction. If I actually finish the work, I may even release it as an independent film.

For those of you who know me, I won't be available to answer you right away, it may take me days, or weeks in some cases. Don't send me texts as I will be retrieving voicemails remotely. If you send me emails don't expect instant answers back either.

I don't need to take adverse possession of property and am living quite comfortably.

But .... being prepared for any sort of situation is a good thing. Having plenty of water and dried and canned food to last at least 6 months without having to get any food from a market is awesome as well.

Why would I even be thinking along the lines of this? Well, here is a letter that I wrote to Trump, text:

I have been warned that my own father is attempting to do things behind the scenes to get me fired from my current job, broken up from my current romantic relationship (if I have one), and to get me tossed out of my current living situation. So, all the above information could potentially utilized in a worst case scenario.

My father and I have never seen eye to eye, and his abuse of me started in my earliest memories. Other Monsanto executives have been as cruel to their wives and children, it seems to be a common thread at Monsanto. Monsanto big wigs may choose to hire bipolar sociopaths to be their minions to make the most amounts of immoral profit ... that's another story ...

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