Thursday, March 02, 2017

No Lube for Barrack Obama in Federal Prison?

Barack Obama didn't ask to be born. His mother may have been a CIA sex operative to keep Non-white communists in line, and compromised. Did Barack Obama's mother pose for a Black Communist for these porn photos? [video]. But, as an adult, Obama was a Constitutional attorney. Did he protect the US Constitution with his oath to become US President, or not?

Well, if not ... maybe Obama should not be hanged by the neck until dead if convicted of treason ... or maybe he should get tied to a bunk in federal prison where Jared, the pedophile, from Subway fame, is offered no lube ...

And, if Subway chicken, checked by DNA contains less than 50% chicken, maybe there will be triple the irony for Obama ...

"NO LUBE FOR OBAMA" is white lettering on a black tee-shirt is something I'd like to wear.

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