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I know there are many who will find my research hard to believe, because it brings into question the ethics of the all the members of the CDC and IDSA. So I will inject a personal anecdote.

When I was 16 years old, I lived in New York City. It was 1967, and my mother, who worked at Mount Sinai Hospital, was part of a team of researchers overseen by the head of pathology, who was working on a study to determine whether or not “the pill” caused cancer. The head pathologist had received a grant from the American Medical Association to research “the pill.” It was already on the market in various forms and at the time was playing a major role in the feminist movement.

One evening at dinner, my mother seemed unusually irritable. She turned to me and said, “You’re not on the pill are you? If you are, I want you to get off it immediately!” She was extremely upset. I reassured her that I was not on the pill. “Are you sure?”

She considered what she was going to say next and then said: “All the women in our study were on the pill. After three months, the pap smears were coming back positive (meaning positive for cancer). When we were sure that the pill caused cancer, we reported the results of our findings. We were certain this would be amazingly important news. Instead, the AMA withdrew its funding and has put the pill we were testing on the market. So please, if you have even considered taking the pill, don’t.”

I was shocked. Everyone I knew was on the pill. There was a sexual revolution because of the pill. Not only would the pharmaceutical company make money off the sale of the pill, it would then make money off the treatment of the cancer. It was the worst conspiracy theory I had ever heard. Not to mention the misogynistic tone of the entire enterprise. And if I hadn’t heard it from an insider, who happened to be my mother, I never would have believed it.

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Two Pro-2nd Amendment voices on the Internet have been found dead.

This post was cut and pasted from here. Are pro-gun advocates being killed? Are Facebook accounts being deleted when there are pro-gun pictures, videos, or text is posted?

Two of the most influential and outspoken Pro-2nd Amendment voices on the Internet have been
found dead:





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States like Connecticut give out prison like candy is given out on Halloween.

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