Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mutually Assured Global Suicide?

In the 1980's, fighter aircraft pilots were getting drunk in bars talking about weapons they shouldn't talk about. Imagine being so bored in the desert of the mid west US in a multi million dollar taxpayer paid for fighter jet, and making jack rabbits crossing your runway a pike of smoking bones with one push on a joystick inside your cockpit. Fast forward to "there are crazy weapons beyond your imagination" that are now 5 decades old, and the newer stuff might mean the sun won't come up tomorrow, is part of the psychopath billionaire arsenal.

What if, you knew of one human inside a 50 mile radius that you wanted to kill right away, or have diarrhea and die in prolonged pain? Satellite weapons from Reagan's "Star Wars" program are beyond our imagination for what is possible. The deep state can kill any one leader at anytime with a few key strokes. They can take out entire regions with a few keystrokes. There would be on electronics, no live, just resources with the right applications energized, and fired, from the unseen satellites above us.

The Deep State could take out Trump and all of Washington DC in a few keystrokes.

That fat tard in North Korea would be just a pile of smoking bones in a millisecond, if those who collect "taxes" from us globally actually cared about all of us average people.

A lawyer who serves his clients in the first initial, unpaid, consultation will go out of business. The lawyer who is incompetent, lazy, and dishonest can string a case on, and make millions for completely not serving his, or her, client. That is how government, policing, and the courts ... "work".

I like Trump, but I ran into a former Trump insider, Corey Lewandowski (wikipedia), and he is 9 years younger than me, but if we were the same age, and at a Frat party when I was 18, I would ask him to talk outside and feed that bleephole a fist sandwich.

My grandfather was a dirt farmer, a family farmer outside of Fargo, North Dakota. My father made sure I was left alone at the farm at age 4, where the nearest neighbor was 7 miles away. He was a Monsanto executive who profited from wars and international strife in guaranteed government contracts. At age 4, or 5, my grandfather came home to have his 9 AM "lunch", saw that I was abandoned by my father for having Asthma, and then took the day off during harvest season to introduce me to all his friends. He told me, "I won't be there beside you, but I will be there beside you in spirit, when there is fighting in the streets and we go after the criminal corporations and their criminal banker friends." (disclaimer: Not my grandfather's actual words ... I was 4 or 5, and memories aren't video tape.)

My own father was the biggest traitor to America, the farm, the traditional American Family, and to the sovereignty of the US in his own father's eyes. My grandfather's disgust with his son's chosen path was equal to my father's disgust with me having been born, from birth. I am my paternal grandfather's legacy, self-reliant, independent, and will die for what I believe in, type of person, and will piss on the graves of the globalist, corporate slut, pion, minions, bleepholes, such as is my own Monsanto Executive Father and types similar to him.

My father met with chemical and other corporation executives in our home, at work, and in other countries. In the 1970's they talked about a one global government run by the biggest corporations, the absolute nullification of the US Constitution, the end of private property, and the institution of special privileges for those who were highest on the corporate ladder. Corporations seek candidates who are sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, and other mentally ill miscreants to best serve the corporate world government as they are easily used, blackmailed, bribed, then discarded as compared to the shrinking percentages of "normal, caring, humans."  

I would like to honor my paternal grandfather, but I feel I am too old. My only hope is that Trump is more concerned about his legacy, than he is about those inside his own circle who'll stab him in the back any chance they can, and that might be family, not blood related..

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Did Trump take Globalist bait to be a catalyst for WWIII?

Trump's base is aware. Trump's base is aware of the term, "false flag," knowing its true meaning.

Trump might be playing chess, while others are playing checkers. Shave a retarded looking panda bear and you'd have an excellent cartoon version of the current dictator of North Korea, who might be in the doghouse after assassinating a member of his own family who was a remote threat to his rule, right on China's doorstep.

The current leader of Syria had zero to gain with a chemical attack on children. If you're winning, you don't post a bulls-eye on your forehead by doing something that crazy.

Wars benefit big banks, international corporate organized crime, and the billionaire cabal. These criminal elite puppeteer what is mainstream media. They're using your tax dollars to propagandize your news to make you drown in their total BS.

This blogger would like to see the traitor Chris Dodd, once head of the US Senate Banking Committee, hung by the neck, until dead, if convicted of treason. McCain was taking bribes from international bankers to institute policies that almost crashed the economy of the US. John McCain, a member of the Keating 5, is as sleazy, and is as much of a traitor. If found guilty of treason, each should be hung high and displayed.



Full Show - Russia Threatens To Strike Back - 04/10/2017 (Alex Jones, Infowars) [Direct link to video]

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