Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Did Trump take Globalist bait to be a catalyst for WWIII?

Trump's base is aware. Trump's base is aware of the term, "false flag," knowing its true meaning.

Trump might be playing chess, while others are playing checkers. Shave a retarded looking panda bear and you'd have an excellent cartoon version of the current dictator of North Korea, who might be in the doghouse after assassinating a member of his own family who was a remote threat to his rule, right on China's doorstep.

The current leader of Syria had zero to gain with a chemical attack on children. If you're winning, you don't post a bulls-eye on your forehead by doing something that crazy.

Wars benefit big banks, international corporate organized crime, and the billionaire cabal. These criminal elite puppeteer what is mainstream media. They're using your tax dollars to propagandize your news to make you drown in their total BS.

This blogger would like to see the traitor Chris Dodd, once head of the US Senate Banking Committee, hung by the neck, until dead, if convicted of treason. McCain was taking bribes from international bankers to institute policies that almost crashed the economy of the US. John McCain, a member of the Keating 5, is as sleazy, and is as much of a traitor. If found guilty of treason, each should be hung high and displayed.




Full Show - Russia Threatens To Strike Back - 04/10/2017 (Alex Jones, Infowars) [Direct link to video]


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