Thursday, May 25, 2017

Email admin weasels at Outlook, MSN, Microsoft,,, and hotmail

I just realized I was not getting emails that were being sent to me, because I was not looking at a new folder in my email created with out my permission or any kind of notification. There is now a "focused" folder and an "other" folder. What type of bleephole would just do this to someone's personal email?

I didn't ask for it. I don't want it. I missed important emails. I am pissed.

I know Bill Gates is no longer in charge of Microsoft, but having my computer update itself when I am trying to shut it off and take it with me, making me late and all the B.S. with the updating and wasting hours, and hours, of precious time. My HP laser printer scanner won't even scan unless I unplug the internet and it still will crash when I am scanning the last page.

If the weasel who f'd up my email presented him, or herself, to me after they f'd up my email with all sorts of crap that I don't want, and didn't ask for, I can't guarantee I would do a biological adjustment on them with a baseball bat.

When will your privacy being invaded by bleepholes, bother you?

Silence signifies acceptance. Don't get f'd in the butt, peed on, and the deep state says they love you and it is raining, and not act, and fight back. Get pissed off and let's get these globalist pricks who are out to wreck all of life as we know it.

Don't turn the other cheek. They figure only one in a hundred thousand, or one in a million, will actually fight back, and can be identified. It it was only 3 in 100 who won the American Revolution, we need some bigger numbers people.


Blogger Andrew Elliot said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Andrew R. Elliot. I am writing asking that you please remove any and all posts you did involving me. Even though everything I have written, said, and done trying to tell the story about the cruel corruption my family was subjected to by the state of CT and the federal government while acting in collusion with my former employer Pratt & Whitney Aircraft/United Technologies Corp was absolutely true; I have determined that nobody cares and people need to unfortunately experience it for themselves to believe it.

Although I understand and appreciate you were only trying to help me tell this hard truth.

But leaving this digital footprint on the internet about this heinous story can only hurt my family and kids. The very same people I was trying to protect and defend when I spoke out about “my rights” being violated way back in 1997. My story proves that our “justice system” is entirely broken and easily manipulated by the wealthy as I did everything possible trying to bring UTC to justice. Moreover that UTC/corporate America has no shame whatsoever since my subsequent personal protests in the streets/court of public opinion around Hartford CT shut down most if not all of UTC’s public awareness campaigns for about 10 years; but they still wouldn't settle with me as I was only trying to compensate my family members for the damage done.

The specific internet page I am referring to is the the following;

Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.

Andrew R. Elliot

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 2:18:00 PM  
Blogger TI-Time Immortal said...

Now now don't go gettin your panties all in a bunch. Surely you remember that day when those BIG buildings in NY City were hit with passenger aircraft after having been hijacked by dark men armed with exacto knives who could fly with amazing maneuverability after taking 1 or 2 flying lessons at a municipal airport in a crop duster, don't you? That was also the day molton steal was, for the first time EVER, proven to be flamable mearly by dowsing it in jetfuel and putting a match to it. This little bit of science had baffled man since it was determined that a lawn mower and a rock could converse and, after having been run to death without oil breaks as per union rules one to many times did join up and now, together, start most urban fires here in this great USA. NEVER leave them alone even to grab a cold one from the house. You can find everything you need and more if you just watch television which is where I found, and purchased my traveling ice chest with wheels and a handy handle which conviently ties to my mower and even though I get a LOT of bitching because of the DAMN Lawn Mower Union I save my little piece of heaven from burning to the ground! I think the union saw the value in this and forced the mower to shut its grass trap or it would no longer be mowing lawns! And stay the hell away from those damn rocks! Company policy. We were all duped though when the tele reported a weed wacker and a pile of leaves conspiring to the same end. I don't believe they are union. AND, my point being, THAT was THE day, the building day, remember, it became perfectly clear to those of us who still retain a partial frontal lobe that GOD is actually television spelled backwards. If you have to ask why you are being watched you most likly NEED to be watched! What are you trying to hide anyway?

I digress...........

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 2:48:00 PM  

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