Monday, February 19, 2018

Banning Guns to end Private Property Rights?

I was looking at becoming a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, in the mid1990's. I learned that policing is for profit, seizing property, and to further an outside of the US agenda to destroy and nullify the US Constitution. If you are put on the International Police Union enemies list, you will be targeted for police setting you up for false arrest, beatings by police informants, having your phones and computers officially hacked, being discredited, financially ruined, family break up, loss of reputation, prison, and even being murdered.

After the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, those who would most resist the making null and void, the US Constitution, were targeted.

In order for the international corporate and banker organized crime to seize world wealth, land, resources, and energy, they have to end the US Constitution, other sovereign nation rights, private property rights, and all individual rights. The UN is their useful tool.

To manage and protect private property, you cannot manage this yourself without the right to protect yourself against criminals and wildlife.

Police infiltrate and/or create all gangs and protest groups for their International Police Union agenda. Courts are rubberstamps on the abuse. The CIA, FBI, police, and other organizations are getting federal tax dollars to conduct psychological operations and spew propaganda for a UN agenda.

Mass shootings can start out as a drill and can go live.

Barack Obama and former US Attorney General Eric Holder are at least accessories to murders for the knowledge of the Fast and Furious program where guns were purposely allowed to get into the hands of drug gangs and organized crime to commit murders. Guns were obtained from legal gun stores. The purpose was to end the 2nd Amendment..

You are paying your federal tax dollars, billions to trillions, for government operatives to commit murders, rape, rob, steal, and to wreck everything that is good in our society. I applaud Trumps efforts, but his attitude is way too rare in public service.

The FBI looks to be too sleazy to be allowed to continue to operate in a free society. The CIA should not be conducting operations inside the US and target individuals and officials who oppose the predatory UN agenda.

Silence signifies acceptance.


Back in the mid 1990's, I found out Police Union Brass wants legislation requiring electronic boxes installed on all house with keys for the house for police to be able to access all properties to search for firearms if there is a gun ban instituted. That sort of unlimited power wouldn't be abused, would it?


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