Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Communist indoctrination on Mainstream Media News?

I don't normally watch news that comes in through an antenna. I normally don't watch mainstream news. It seems that these "news" programs are utilizing Democrat talking points.

There is total division being expounded. I believe in woman's rights, and the rights of everyone. Protected groups should not be encourage to be racist and abusive of those not in protected groups. Mainstream "News" is bashing Trump 24/7, and if there were some sort of debate based on actual facts, the bashing is ignorant and unfair.

I don't have a problem with China, Chinese people, or their communist government, or whatever form it is morphing into. I do have a problem with Hollywood being owned by Chinese interests spewing propaganda, division, and anti-American drabble.

In The Martian, Matt Damon is saved from certain starvation on the Red Planet by the head of China's CNSA (the equivalent of America's NASA ) who sacrifices his multi-billion dollar Taiyang Shen exploration program by diverting it to send supplies to the American. The movie thoroughly sanitizes the doubts, laments and political struggles the Chinese administration experienced in the book upon which the movie is based.

I watched a news program today and it implied that women should support the Democrat Party, implied, not stated directly. It was anti US Constitution, American sovereignty, and especially anti-gun (2nd Amendment).

School shootings are bad. New laws don't need to be instituted for each new disturbing event. How many innocent citizens all over the world are drone bombed everyday and who haven't done anything to anyone? What passes for "News" on the international corporate/bankster owned media is mindless pro communist propaganda out to promote leftist violence and division.

What about all the wars the US taxpayers are funding based on international corporate organized crime and criminal banker lies. Corporations that profit from war love that Americans are each other's throats and not questioning what they are paying in taxes, for what, and what they should be getting from government if government followed our rules for ruling us in the US, the Constitution.



Paul Joseph Watson breaks it down on Alex Jones Infowars network (direct link to video on youtube):

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Tuesday 2/20/18: News, Current Issues & Analysis, Milo, Laura Loomer


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