Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Pro More School Shooting Side of Argument? (Alex Jones Video)

I have seen more mainstream news than I would like lately. I'm thinking "news" is like that tear jerker animal rights heart string pulling commercial with the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA animal cruelty [video] causing tears and emotions to get donations seems to be the theme of 4 drama students who seemed to be pre-loaded for a school shooting as in Parkland, Florida. Scroll into 1:30:00 in below [video] for more on what is really going on.

The FBI hired racist White Supremacist Hal Turner using your US federal tax dollars for Hal, a NJ/NYC radio host, to spew racist dribble to incite racial tension and potential race riot:

If I understood the declassified evidence in the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing [Wikipedia], the FBI found bomber patsies, supplied the funds, supplied the plan, supplied the bombs which could actually explode, and then allowed the bombers to detonate the bombs. The FBI plan was that bombs planted in a truck in a mid level parking garage would cause one tower to fall and topple the other.

The Oklahoma Federal Building Bombing in 1994 was awful convenient for the Bill and Hillary Clinton if the evidence against the Clintons for fraud, conspiracy, narcotics trafficking, theft, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, and other crimes, and the White Water crimes was allegedly all held in the building.

The Clintons used the "event" to then go after their opposition, the right, gun owners and those seeking justice against the Clintons were all targeted using federal tax dollars under the guise of going after militia. James Corbett or the Corbett Report breaks it down with witnesses, evidence, sources, and an intelligent overview, text and videos:

The Democrats and international UN affiliated corporate and banker criminals are funding propaganda, Psy-ops, and spy operatives to stage events, or to allow "random" events to have the maximum dramatic impact. Free Speech and property rights are tied to gun rights. If the 2nd Amendment can be line item vetoed with knee-jerk legislation, the whole US Constitution can be made null and void.

If a number of students are allegedly killed, and there is one killer who should have been rounded up by the FBI for his threats is an excuse to change a nation's laws for everybody, nullifying the US Constitution?

In 2011, I was coordinating with retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective [Richard J. Murzin], and radio host, AJ Fontaine (sp?), allegedly had evidence that the FBI, Connecticut State Police, the CIA, and DHS US Homeland Security were using federal taxpayer dollars to stage mass shootings at concerts, schools, movie theaters, or other venues to so alarm the public to call for an all out gun ban ending the 2nd Amendment.

Murzin and Fontaine allegedly had hardcopy evidence that DCF, Connecticut State Police, FBI, CIA, members of the Judicial Branch, various organized crime, foreign bankers, and others conspired to kidnap children to sell for adoptions, sex slavery, narcotics trafficking, murder-for-hire, discrediting and railroading politically inconvenient citizens like yours truly:

Did Rich Murzin and AJ Fontaine have evidence that there was going to be a staged school shooting at Sandyhook Newtown Connecticut, but both died of "natural causes" within hours of each other after we were going to meet in about a week or two in 2011 to make a Public Access television and Youtube videos educating the public about the scam that is DHS, DCF, Connecticut State Police, FBI, USDOJ, and other lying scumbag officials and their cronies. 

I contacted Connecticut US Senator Chris Murphy about the fraud and racketeering involved with organized groups out to circumvent the US Constitution and harm America:


Arrested for exposing public corruption? Videos and more about the Parkland, Florida, School shooting:


Direct link to below video:

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW) Wednesday 2/21/18: News, Milo, Laura Loomer, Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft


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