Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bitter Climber, Stormy Daniels?

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Stormy Daniels photo originally found with USAToday article [link]

I don't believe US President Donald J. Trump did anything wrong with Stormy Daniels. It is hype. I fault Trump with not going after the true treasonous law breakers such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, pandering whores in the FBI and USDOJ, George Soros, and other Satan minions. Stormy Daniels isn't on my radar and I don't care about her, or her "story".

It was awful convenient for the OKC Federal Building to blow up if it housed evidence of the Clinton crimes to date.

I believe the Clintons put out a preemptive strike on those citizens who would most want the prosecution of the Clintons for their laundry list of crimes against humanity. James Corbett's Corbett Report video, "Meet the Clintons," breaks down the CIA cocaine trafficking, murders, fraud, and despicable behavior when Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas and Hillary Clinton was the co mob boss. [link]


In the Aftermath of Oklahoma City Building Bombing, police were getting Federal Tax Dollars to infiltrate gangs, militia, and take over their agenda for their UN/International Police Union handlers.

In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, I was looking to become a town police officer. LT. Trapp wanted me to be a police asset first, going to gun shows with him, to identify who bought guns that he wanted to add to his collection. He would pay me extra if he acted as look out and I broke into the target's house, or to set up the target for arrest and possible prison.

Police are still being paid to conduct PSYOPS, psychological operations, to end the 2nd Amendment, and nullify the US Constitution. The CIA was, and is, involved in grooming those who run for office, and then in controlling their actions after "election". The FBI target citizens who try to expose the coup and/or blow the whistle on corruption. Police profiteering is the official bribe so police sell out.

Federal tax dollars were used to go after gun owners, farmers, ranchers, small business, the self-employed, and the outspoken. Police made false arrests, manufactured evidence, got false statements from police informants, filed false reports, and committed perjury to ruin, and imprison, police targets on their enemies list. Prosecutors, defense, lawyers, and court personnel were requited to fix cases against those on the list. [My saga]
Your Federal tax dollars were used to pay Connecticut State Police US DHS Homeland Security overtime, 100's of thousands of dollars, to follow me shopping at the big box stores, working, doing errands, 2 to 4, burning gas, going wherever I went. I committed no crimes, What a wasted of manpower, resources, and federal tax dollars. 

I paid taxes to fund my own abuse.

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to elected officials, and I was outing police and riggers of the courts for their misdeeds So, if so much taxes and resources where dedicated to having the DHS, and TSA, expend so much time and resources to tail, and harass, just me, there are no real threats, and the TSA and DHS have no business existing. They were instituted on fraud and lies.

So, what really matters, some tart, or the international banker and corporate criminal coup, destroying America and our way of life?



Stormy Daniels May Shoot Pornographic Reenactment Of Trump [Direct link to video]


Disclaimer: this post is this blogger's opinion and what is stated is to his best belief, and knowledge.


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