Thursday, March 22, 2018

Give up your Guns & Free Speech because you've already given up Privacy for your Safety

If you are an American, your US Constitution has been line item deleted.

After 9/11, you can't be trusted with privacy, a supposed US Constitutional right.

But, you might be a terrorist, so you can't be trusted to have a private conversation. You need all of your data collected and stored.

Since you gave up your right to privacy for your safety, what else won't you give up for your safety?

If you question authority, or any measure for your safety, you must be a terrorist, right?


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Police Conspiracy to Kidnap Kids?

40 Billion US Dollars transferred from parents to others, lawyers, and to the states is controlled by corrupt judges according to Nancy Schaefer. She went to testify about the abuse of children and families, going to a special hearing in the Netherlands.

Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer, former Republican Candidate for LT Governor, pillar in the Baptist Church. Image [found here]

Nancy was recently a victim of murder. Her husband is said to have been the killer in a murder suicide. Some may think it is a murder-for-hire, paid for by police, or insiders in Georgia Government allegedly involved in officially kidnapping kids for federal tax dollars. Are children being trafficked for White Slavery, sex exploitation, for bogus adoptions, and to give political insiders 6 figure salaries paid for with taxes? Are the police in some states involved in drug dealing, prostitution, racketeering, obstruction of justice, murder, rape, extortion, and other crimes? Are American Courts, a scam?

Nancy was pretty high profile, making serious allegations and ends up dead. Do the math. Points made in the below video are pretty hard hitting. States such as Connecticut, are probably doing the same thing in the same way. Department of Children and Families, DCF, is often a cruel scam breaking up families to enrich lawyers. Judges will barbecue citizens and railroad them to jail just for exposing judicial, police, DCF misconduct and brutality. The State of Connecticut and too many others states are repeat offenders.




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Jesse Ventura, Plum Island, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease

[source of Jesse Venture "Predator" Movie photo]

Jesse Ventura spells it out pretty well. I have read up a bit on the subject. Most of the credit for informing me about Lyme Disease and the US Government malfeasance associated with it goes to Kathleen Dickson.



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Alex Jones Infowars videos are [found here


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