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Monsanto Globalist and the Curious Case of Wally Henderson

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I was a fly on the all during the rise of Globalism, corporate minions were patriotic to their own international corporate/banker infrastructure, not to the interests of fellow countrymen. Corporate minions from all over the world met with my father at the house, they often talked about how corporations would be the government internationally, there wouldn't be borders, corporations would own all the land and resources, and their would be no hunting, gun ownership, and war protests.

Monsanto made billions, possibly trillions from wars. The Gulf of Tonkin incident, the cause of the Vietnam War, didn't happen. I was an excuse. Monsanto made billions spraying a version of Round Up, Agent Orange, in the millions of tons sprayed on Vietnam, all at your Federal Taxes expense, you are still paying the interest on the loans to international bankers which you never agreed to in the first place.

Now on to the story of the downfall of Wally for not respecting globalist, by not listening to the orders of a Pompous, Narcissist, Bipolar Globalist, and being ruined:

My father was a Monsanto Executive is the Western Mass area, now retired.

My little sister was born in 1970. I'm first born and my father had been sending me to the cellar as punishment for existing, as much as was possible, and wanted a room for be down there built. All that was needed was for a small wall and door to be built to enclose a cubby area.

Wally Henderson was the father of my little sister's best friend. My little sister was born in 1965.

My father asked Wally, a self-employed carpenter, to build a wall and put a door in for my cellar dungeon, a little bigger than a walk in closet. Wally said there was no egress, and that I couldn't get out in a fire. My father had me crawl out basement casement window to prove that I could get out.

Wally didn't really want to build it, but did it possibly for the cost of materials only, a super good deal for my Monsanto Globalist father.

My father had nothing but bad things to say about Wally behind his back. Wally didn't have college, didn't have the discipline, or ability to work for a corporation, and was inferior. Mail carriers, or any of the neighbors, we're constantly put down for not measuring up to how good, important, and intelligent that my father thought himself to be.

My father then wanted Wally to do projects for him, for the cost of materials, as often as every weekend, because my father thought himself so important, that Wally, should consider himself so inferior, should then donate his time to my father, and my father's bipolar whims.

Wally ignored my father, saying he was busy with paying work.

My father got insanely pissed off at Wally, feeling he was being disrespected and that Wally should then pay the price for not showing respect for such an important man, my Monsanto Globalist Minion father.

My father thought since Wally was a carpenter, Wally must have a drinking problem, and therefore police should go after Wally. My father, and his globalist associates would party so hard on Martini Tuesdays, or Scotch Thursdays, or whatever, his minion associates would be throwing up in our bathroom. My father, when drunk, would come into my room at night, and if I was having trouble breathing due to Asthma and allergies, he would wake me up, and then choke me unconscious, for punishment for having been born with Asthma.

My father wouldn't shut up about how Wally had disrespected him. I believe my father was on the phone with police to go after Wally. I then remember Wally talking to his wife about police following him to work, from work, and wherever he went. Wally then got pulled over for drinking, and driving, then may have crashed his motorcycle after.

It wasn't long before Wally was divorced, and living apart from his wife and two daughters.

I have thought a lot through the years, how much better Wally's life would have been had he not done a favor for my father, and associated with such a truly despicable man, my father.


When I was 3, or 4, I had friends over playing for the first time, I was laughing, expressing joy, and smiling, an anger trigger for my father's bipolar and random cocktail of mental illness, the perfect recipe for an ideal Monsanto minion. My father started screaming at the little boys and girls, neighbors' kids, saying we were playing wrong. They went home crying, and their parents didn't want them over our house because of my crazy father.

After the kids had left, my father said that he didn't have friends on the family farm when he was younger, and didn't enjoy his childhood, and would make sure that I didn't either.

Constantly being told I wasn't good enough to eat with the family, go on vacation, or talk to other people because I was so annoying, probably didn't help my self-esteem, early from life. My father bowled me down the stairs at about age 3, telling me that he hoped I was hurt, and that if I cried out in basement, he would show me what pain was really about.

If no one was looking, my father would bash me, and just attack me from behind, until I was 16, and then challenged him to a fight. He had no problem beating me at will, if it was for free, and I didn't fight back. He however, never stopped talking behind my back, getting me fired from jobs, conspiring to ruin any friendships or romantic relationships, or any respect from my general man that he can muster.

My father, and his wife, have renewed a restraining order against me. About a year and a half plus ago, I referred to my father's wife by the "C" word. I haven't seen my father's ranting, and raving, worse than Hillary Clinton crazy, 2nd wife, in decades. I totally cut my father out of my life in about 2010, when he wouldn't stop calling police to rat me out for having a job, a place to live, and a girlfriend.

I belief my father wants to seal the deal of having me completely estranged from my only daughter for not letting him completely run my life and for disrespecting him by having my own opinions. If he, or his wife, know my whereabouts they can just call police and say I am harassing them. So, I am rarely any closer that 2 two hours from their known haunts.
My father allegedly has, or still has a security clearance, and may still belong to groups such as Infragard or the Corporate non-religion, Secular Humanism. I have heard my father say nothing but bad things about cops in private, how much they must be morons for choosing such a profession. Although he fawned over Connecticut State Police Troopers and all their misconduct. 


Alex Jones, Infowars videos can be found here:


My father might at least be possibly responsible for this:

I will probably post a video about how to live if the IRS will seize 100% of whatever you earn, or have, having a bogus amount made up that is owed, that the sum can never be paid back. Video probably will be posted here:


The FBI's evil stepchild, Infragard. The FBI, IRS, FEMA, CIA, NSA, etc can all spy on all of your internet usage, phone calls, GPS, meta, and other data in real time and since it is all recorded and store, anyone can be set up to be murdered, for life in prison, being discredited, financial ruin, and/or being set up in a false flag event: [Direct link to video]


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