Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Most Damning book exposing Clintons, Corporations, and International Banksters?

Scroll down in post for Sarah Westall video

Image of the Banker/CIA Mafia Clintons was [found here].

I haven't yet seen how it was broken down so simply. Was the Civil War in the US, not because of Slavery, but because the Central Banks wanted complete control? The Coup from the 1800's is exposed by Brooks Agnew. 

Are you paying taxes not only to your own country, but to bankers and corporate organized crime to rip you off, make you sick, make you sterile, and to give you a slow painful death at your own expense? 


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Is FBI, the problem, not the solution? Something to consider:


Watch Alex Jones, his reporters, and more on [the Ron Gibson youtube channel].


Rise of the Clinton Crime Syndicate - Brooks Agnew [Direct link to video]


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