Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Protest #2 on Constitution, Get HS Diploma no classes/homework?

scroll down in post for video

If you're a high school student, can you quit school, not attend classes, not do homework, and then still get a high school diploma if you get bused into the massive protests to destroy #2 on the Constitution to make the whole thing null and void?

How much are students being paid, especially the one who seems to be the leader?

How much foreign billionaire money is being funneled in to fund the protests to abolish the US Constitution and subvert America to most profit international bankers and corporate organized crime?

I tried to blow the whistle on this when I found out. There isn't any part of my life, or health, that hasn't been affected. [My story]

[Direct link] to below video:

Full video of above [Direct link to video]


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