Monday, March 12, 2018

Rocket Man vs. Donald J. Trump?

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CNN Picture of US President Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un stolen [from here

If I had no scruples and was heavily invested in War Arms Corporations, chemical companies like Monsanto, was an international criminal banker, a globalist, or their sympathizers, I would want Kim as my posterboy to sell my stuff, to get as many federal tax dollars as possible, so I'd profit at the expense of the average American.  

What is the shelf life of a dictator beating war drums against the World's soon to be #2 super power?

Vocal dictators are useful idiots, and end up dead when they are no longer of use to the globalist UN operators.

Trump is truly showing the Art of the Deal. Hopefully he gives the Deep State a black eye.

Trump bypassing those who are out to destroy him is priceless. 

I heard a liberal who works at a local hospital calling to a large table of his colleagues that Trump needs to be assassinated ASAP because Trump will covertly order a nuclear strike on North Korea. I ate my Vietnamese soup and then looked the guy right in the eye, and said, "Asshole," and then walked out of the Vietnamese restaurant, I assume the occurrence was about a month ago.

Also, good for Kim, dealing with Trump ... shows that Kim isn't taking the globalist bait ...

CrossTalk Bullhorns: Deal-making? (Extended Version) [direct link to video on youtube]


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