Friday, March 23, 2018

Stealth Invasion, Int. Bankers/Corp Owners attacking US Constitution for Profit?

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Billionaires, international bankers, and owners of major corporations can seize vast land, resources, energy, and control if they can use the UN and international police union as their tools.

If you are American, you've already given up your privacy, because you might be a terrorist if you want a private conversation and your finances and assets out of view of the insiders who want to steal all from you.

Removing the 2nd Amendment, means you shouldn't have property rights, Free Speech, or anything else in the US Constitution. If outside agitators are funding the anti-gun movement, then the push is a stealth invasion to undermine Americans to be enslaved in the system like the EU in Europe. In Europe, violent migrants from the war torn 3rd World are being brought in to destroy borders, bankrupt local government, and enslave populations dismantling human rights for former citizens who became mere residents, without representation for their taxation.

If a gun ban can be secured in the US, the International Police Union can make more money hand over fist for union dues. The UN could then become an armed occupying force in the US, erasing the US Constitution eliminating Free Speech and any real representation for our taxation. There will be a worldwide erasure of basic human rights.

A retired police officer friend of mine who was on the ground floor when US DHS Homeland Security was being built, told me that a large percentage of police officers and officers who are being paid Homeland Security overtime are carrying date rape drugs. One reason is to rape, another is so police who beat up, torture, or set up for false arrest, citizens have no idea the abuse that they have suffered, and who is to blame.


AMC's "TURN: Washington's Spies," can be found on Netflix. Spoiler alert: citizens in a town loyal to the crown are stripped of their guns, their property can be confiscated at will, and are mistreated after they become disarmed. Women can be raped, and you can be robbed of your life and property by those armed troops occupying your town. In modern America, that can be Armed Police and Troops and a disarmed Modern America.

A Look at the Series: TURN: Washington's Spies [Direct link to video]


Alex Jones, Infowars videos can be found here: 


[Direct link] to below video.


IRS taking 100% of your pay, How to Survive [Direct link to video]


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