Friday, March 30, 2018

Support the 2nd Amendment because you HATE US Constitution Dismantlers

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Image of FBI and Connecticut State Police target for being a Constitutional Extremist, Code Name: "Big Apple to Big Easy,", picture of Steven G. Erickson, having gone from New York City to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in the aftermath to help out. Picture taken on Bourbon St.

The biggest tool of the globalists is the international police union. They're coached at roll call that the Founding Fathers were terrorists who thumbed their noses at true authorities. The forefathers of International Banksters swindled Great Britain out of their empire taking over the media and money supply back around a birth of a nation, the US.

The international police union wants to end free speech, private property rights, individuals farming and raising livestock, public gatherings/socializing, breaking up of the family, and in controlling of all government officials and civilians through surveillance, fostering fear not respect, covert actions, false arrests, false imprisonment, and covert murder/assassination

A police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, who was living with his mother, told me he could be my friend, if I left my house, wife, and daughter, because he was more important than me, was like James Bond (I laughed in his face), and that I should just leave before I was put on "The List," and the IRS, the police, and the courts would hound me for the rest of my life and I would want to commit suicide.

You can't have representation for your taxation, if a cop or covert deep state operative can threaten torture, ruin, imprisonment, and death of elected officials who are supposed to represent us for our taxation. That is what we have, a police state, run from the outside, by the International Police Union and the UN.

The cop who threatened me with the total retaliation if I didn't leave me wife, home, and daughter was right. If I didn't do what he said the IRS, police, and courts would make my life a living hell if he put me on the International Police Union Enemies List. They have.

I once considered writing Vladimir Putin asking for political asylum. Yes, it has gotten that bad. But, all being said, I have respect for a leader of a country who supports self-defense, the family, sovereignty of his country, and having the respect of his people. George W. Bush, Obama, Hillary Clinton and others have failed. Trump is a work in progress.

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