Monday, March 26, 2018

Take my Free Speech from my Cold Dead Hands

Image of US President Donald J. Trump as a young man, [found here].

I haven't seen the CBS 60 Minutes piece on Donald J. Trump and his alleged tryst with porn star Stormy Daniels.

If Trump, did, or did not, who cares?

I don't want to compare Trump to Nixon or Bill Clinton, but what did those 2 do wrong?

Nixon could have avoided all his plight by saying that he knew, and his people got out of hand. What was needed was an admission, not lies. Nixon would have remained in office. There would be no Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter.

Bill Clinton lied about having had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton should have refused to answer, or said that his personal life is none of your business. Clinton could have just admitted what he did, and everyone would have moved on, admiring that piece of crap for having the balls to admit what he had done.

Trump can defuse, deflate, and hit back, depending on his response to the George Soros/Hillary Clinton push to dethrone, murder, and/or defame him.

Even if Trump had nothing to do with Daniels, what if he said "None of your business, my personal life is my business."?

Well, that would end any bimbos coming out of the woodwork saying that they somehow know Trump and that they have somehow had inappropriate sex with Trump.

Trump has to either shit, or get off the pot.

George Soros and Hillary Clinton would spend billions to have Trump assassinated, removed from office, the US Constitution made null and void, and will use all means necessary to take out the US as a sovereign nation, so why doesn't Trump use his power to go after the enemy?

Not having a drone strike on Soros and having Clinton brought to justice is a sign of weakness.

America needs Trump to have a backbone, and fight, for at least himself, and his legacy.

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Am I being paranoid?:


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