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Toxic Inheritance, having a Monsanto Globalist Abusive Parent

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The Spurned Child Syndrome

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I am a baby boomer, the last year you could be one. 

I woke up as the first born child to being choked, slapped, thrown down the stairs, verbally abused, and told that I would never matter, succeed, own a home, marry, and when I died, no one would care, no one would come to my service, and my life was meaningless and I should apologize to anyone who would put up with me. How do you think that worked out for me at the 1st grade bus stop and a year before in kindergarten? 

My father told me from my youngest memory that he didn't want me around for handouts, being around at dinner time to eat with my father, mother, and younger sister. He told me I was from my mother's side of the family, not his, so I was worthless and probably should end up dead, or in prison until I died, as my mother's side was crazy, worthless, and didn't earn their keep.

My father's father was a family farmer above, or near, Fargo, North Dakota. I was 4, near or about. My father had my mother leave me at the farmhouse, completely alone. The nearest neighbor was about 7 miles away, and if I could reach it, I didn't know how to use the party line phone as my grandparents could not afford their own personal phone line, or there were not enough phone lines for farmers to have their own phone number. 

My grandfather came home for 9 o'clock lunch. My grandmother somehow forgot to pack his lunch at 4 AM. It was harvest season and my grandfather didn't have time to go to the lakes in Minnesota. My grandfather came home to his rented farmhouse to find me alone. As far as I know, he never took a day off during harvest season. 

Maybe the reason that I am not a serial killer, is that my grandfather then took the day off. He took me to visit his friend, his church, his neighbors, and spent the day with me, saying I was his favorite grandson. It was only a year before that my father threw me down the cellar stairs at about age 3 telling me, that he hoped I was very, very hurt, and that if I cried out, he would show me pain unlike I have ever felt.

I became aware early. 

In the late 60' or into the early 70's, the worst trader an American could be in the opinion of my grandfather, was to work for a chemical company. My father worked for Monsanto. 

Chemical companies had a monopoly. Family farmers had to depend on chemical companies for pesticides and then seeds. Corporations at that time didn't have to pay taxes, or very little, and had complete legislative control as politicians opened their pockets to international corporate and bankster bribes. 

Possibly millions of tons of Agent Orange (Round-Up weed killer variant) was sprayed out of military planes to defoliate Vietnam during the Vietnam War. International corporations like Monsanto made money, hand over fist, for wars. Would it benefit Monsanto if the CIA could make excuses for the US to be lied into a war. 

Monsanto needed narcissistic, bi-polar, sociopaths, with no empathy as their minions. How else could you get paid so much money, to wield so much power, to render so much abuse on humanity?


As a beyond middle age adult able to get senior coffees for free at Wendy's, I'm still here. 

International corporations and criminal bankers are against the US Constitution, self-employment, gun ownership, free speech, honest journalism, a represented electorate, private property rights, the American Dream, national sovereignty, religion, and basic human rights. The international police union is the glue.


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