Friday, March 02, 2018

Trump gives into gun narrative of those who want him assassinated?

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Why should any true American, with values, stay in the US if the 2nd Amendment is torpedoed by US President Donald J. Trump? Did Trump sell America out to forever tarnish his legacy?

I believe those who want Donald Trump assassinated are the ones most responsible for either setting up mass shootings, or who are set up to manipulate the public 24/7 to dismantle the US Constitution.

After the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, I believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton kept from being prosecuted for White Water, and could blame those who would most want the Clintons prosecuted for their drug trafficking, murder for hire, racketeering, treason, and other crimes.

After the OKC bombing, I believe Federal Tax Dollars were used to go after militia, gun owners, farmers, ranchers, small business, and the self-employed. Police were infiltrating gangs, organizing youth gangs, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence, creating propaganda to benefit their foreign based international police union, rigging court cases, and conspired to end the 2nd Amendment and dismantle the US Constitution.

After the gun ban, more police will be needed. There will be more union dues collected. The Police Union wants to have electronic locks, like realtors have for houses for sale, so police will have keys to access all properties to do random searches for guns, and other valuables that can be confiscated, seized, and to run as many citizens as possible through the court system for revenue collection, property seizure, and so crooked lawyers make money hand over fist while f'ing over their clients in rigged trials.

Hillary Clinton couldn't honestly beat Bernie Sanders, Vermont US Senator. How many laws can be broken with no prosecution? Why should politicians like Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama start political careers with relatively little money to then have 100's of millions of dollars. Why would Chelsea Clinton be able to have 10's of millions of dollars and profit from the looting of Haiti with no prosecution? Why should Barack Obama have 10's of millions of dollars of Obama didn't sell out for favors? Shouldn't the demon offspring be prosecuted?


Arrested for exposing public corruption? Videos and more about the Parkland, Florida, School shooting: 


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CNN wants Alex Jones, the competition, banned off the airwaves and internet. Alex Jones seems really concerned that he and his organization will be done in. Is CNN really the fake news? Will George Soros and other foreign billionaires win by erasing US borders, enacting worldwide censorship, nullifying the US Constitution, and ripping off average citizens worldwide?

Alex Jones of Infowars breaks it down best in the below video.

[Direct link to below video]


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