Wednesday, March 28, 2018

US Cops selling seized guns, drugs, and kids for sex on the Black Market?

Scroll down in post for video links. Bitchute might be a Free Speech video platform, unlike the current YouTube.

Above photo and link to website is [found here], On the Last American Vagabond.


My comment posted below current video on Bitchute:

Voted video up. I wish I could say some of the things you have as well. I don't agree with all of what you have to say 100%, but I am glad that I happened by. 

I want to get off Google platforms due to the censorship and coming bans of those who can think, and speak, for themselves. I currently blog as the Stark Raving Viking. In Stafford Springs, Connecticut, in the 1990's, police had started their own youth gangs. They got federal dollars after OKC bombing to go after gun owners, farmers, and the self-employed. 

Police would be lookouts for their gang to steal legal guns, cash, and assets. Police ran prostitutes, kidnapping, drug sales, kids for sex, it's disgusting. Their gang was used to attack, discredit, and ruin police targets. If a cop wanted your wife, or girlfriend, they could have you fired from job, beaten up, arrested, imprisoned, and unfortunately for some, murdered. 

Thanks for covering the subjects that I thought only I saw in average America. I will link to this video on my blog and on LiveLeak. Fat Frank Prochaska, a cop living with his mother at the time, told me he could do me a favor if I left my wife, daughter, house, and contracting business, he would not put me on the international police union enemies list

He wanted my wife for him. He told me I would have IRS problem for the rest of my life, prison, and police would hassle me for the rest of my life. I didn't, and his putting me on the list has meant, a lot of pain, financial ruin, being railroaded to prison, and his threatening of my being permanently being estranged from my only daughter, also now a reality.

Police Black Market Gun Sales, Child-Slavery At All-Time High & Gov “Secrecy Orders” Hide Inventio.. [Direct link to Bitchute video]

There is a lot in the below video link. Just the tidbit about Barack Obama's former National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador, Susan Rice becoming a member on the Board of Director's of Netflix, is a golden nugget alone. There is so much more. Do you want to cancel your Netflix just because Rice can regulate, steer, and/or censor your viewing choices ... ?

Destroying the Illusion:

3.28 - Q's Latest/Sex Trafficking Exposure/Julian Assange Internet Cut/PARDON FLYNN! [Watch video on Bitchute CLICK HERE]


The Deep State especially hates those who operate the 2 closest links for their websites, below:


Who thought Roseanne Barr would ever be relevant again after her singing the US National Anthem?

Yes, I am dating myself.

I truly hope Trump doesn't restrain himself, just because he is the US President.

While the left Demacommunists want to bog Trump down in Jerry Springer Land,

Trump feeling his testosterone fueled intensity, should not be restrained. The US Constitution, and America, itself, can only benefit.

Laura Ingraham: Hollywood discovers America [Direct link to video]

"Soul Sacrifice" - Santana Live at Woodstock in 1969 [Direct link to video]

The B 52's "Private Idaho" (Original Video Clip) [Direct link to video]

I had a 2 hour drive one way into New Orleans everyday while I was an insurance adjuster going from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, into The Big Easy, working as an insurance adjuster after the aftermath of Hurricane Hurricane Katrina. I left the Big Apple, New York City to go down. I then obtained a new code name, "The Big Apple to the Big Easy." If you want to use that, or make a film, on the subject, contact me while I still draw a breath ...

I met an Alabama girl with a Georgia Baptist father, I was invited over for the Christmas Holidays. He racked a shotgun behind me, and we became friends. I will remember the warmth of those holidays without sarcasm. He had a sense of humor, and I enjoyed all the time he blessed me with his wisdom of a simpler America.

Leaving Alabama, Mississippi, and New Orleans, Louisiana was truly painful and has not left my soul as I still breathe ... 

Attorney Michael H. Agranoff had another lawyer tell me that they had $10,000 to pay me for movie rights for my story. They thought I was still in Connecticut. I gave away my position, as maybe did my turncoat father as well, and all that I had built, yet again, was toast.

A Lyme Disease Activist gave me a 1995 Ford Escort Wagon with a 5 speed manual transmission station wagon to go down to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to find my new destiny . 

I drove down with almost no money into a National Disaster and re-invented myself. I had thought I had life by the balls, being well-to-do and going to retire at age 51. Connecticut State Police Troop C decided otherwise, I was self-employed, a gun owner, and had a wife too pretty for me ... so they told me ...

Fates Warning - Guardian {Direct link to video][Another favorite from this band][Fate's Warning: Damnation]

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (Official Video) [Direct link to video]

Black Sabbath - "N.I.B." Live Paris 1970 [Direct link to video][War Pigs in Paris, France]

I have actually won some poker hands while the below was playing in the background ...

Deee-Lite - "Groove Is In The Heart" (Official Music Video) [Direct link to video]

The Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me [Direct link to video]

Private investigations — Dire Straits 1986 Sydney LIVE pro-shot [SPECTACULAR VERSION!] [Direct link to video]


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