Sunday, April 01, 2018

YouTube, Robo Posts, Propaganda, and Censorship

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This post has nothing to with pulling something on April Fool's Day.

Have you noticed all the robo voice news posts lately on YouTube? Who pays for that? Well, Federal Tax Dollars are used to propagandize and censor Free Speech. Why not boycott robo voice posts? Use certain key words or phrases and you are banned completely, or just the post or video disappears. Nothing is for free, Federal Tax Dollars are being used to eliminate legitimate competition.

If there is real damaging information leaking out about the Deep State. Videos are put out with the real information, and then aliens, shape shifting, greys, Reptilian beings, etc is mixed in so the viewer then thinks the real information is crazy conspiracy nut job propaganda.

I wrote letters to the editor about the organized crime and racketeering the Connecticut State Police were up to from 1990's, finding out, they're pandering for other organized crime, going after the politically inconvenient, manufacturing evidence, making false arrests, and committing perjury to put targets in prison, is more the norm than is honest law enforcement, the precursor to Homeland Security.

What I posted on the internet about pubic corruption earned me being railroaded to prison, you having to pay 100's of thousands of tax dollars for one to four Homeland Security officials at 200 to 500 dollars an hour to accompany me shopping, getting a haircut, working, hanging out, etc. I was no threat. When there is a threat, like the Petit Home Invasion, where the 2 daughters, and mother were sodomized, raped, and then burned alive by the dangerous criminals. Police did the equivalent of roasting marshmallows at the fire.

Rich Murzin, AJ Fontaine, and I were going to putt out videos and public access television show about what the Connecticut State Police, Connecticut FBI, DCF, and US DHS and other agencies were up to, and are up to.

The other 2 had hard evidence of drug trafficking, kidnapping, murder for hire, prostitution, sex slavery, racketeering, and the use of tax dollars to set up youth gangs so police had cut outs for revenue collection, property and asset confiscation excuses, and to ruin, discredit, beat up, murder, and/or set up police targets for prison. Did they predict one of the most obvious false flags to end the 2nd Amendment there is. Fontaine and Murzin died of "natural causes" within hours of each other a week, or so, before we were to release the evidence in videos, 2011.

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