Saturday, September 22, 2018

War on Dema Commie Rats?

There are RINOs, "Republicans in name only." Not all Democrats are bad. Both parties have had some of the slimiest sell-outs ever, as I personally believe, and a good example, is John McCain. After the Oklahoma City bombing, the Clintons were out to get the those who are their biggest enemies who would most want to bring the Clintons to justice for crimes committed.

Who are these people?

Well, the Clintons, George Soros, the UN, international police union, and war corporations like Monsanto that is making tax dollars hand over fist against our will, all want the US Constitution suspended.

Who are the biggest enemies of the above? Well it is independent journalists, the self-employed, the self-sufficient, home owners, "Constitutional Extremists", gun owners, small business owners, conservatives, Christians, the religious, those who are anti Muslim, anti EU, anti UN, anti NWO, anti Patriot Act, and anti World Government Tyranny are all in the cross-hairs.

Americans should preserve their rights to privacy, have private property rights, a farm, a ranch, and to be secure in keeping their papers, and even electronic signature private. I am not wanting total surveillance because I have something to hide, I fear the tyranny of the international criminals who have decided to own us all by taking inventory of all we own, all what we individually think, believe, hold dear, and all of where we go, who we have access to, and the future of the planet seems to have been pirated by those who use Dema Communist Rats as their minions.

I have nothing that I have done wrong. I don't trust the tyrants with my personal information. These criminals have proven they are out to use total surveillance to totally own, and totally abuse, the totality of humanity.

Resist and educate the masses. The 2nd American Revolution will be fought by the patriots inside the government, police, courts, infrastructure, military, and the thought to me unthinking minions of the NWO, all pissed off about their own futures, and what is to be left behind.

The most important elections ever, are to occur soon in the US.


P.S. I have total respect for Vladimir Putin who obviously cares about his people, and the future of his people. I have the same respect for Donald J. Trump. I don't respect George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Chelsea Clinton, the UN, the EU, international police union, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, former US Attorney General Eric Holder, the USDHS, TSA, and all that are, or who are, out to destroy US sovereignty and my rules for US Government, the US Constitution.


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