Thursday, December 13, 2018

Alex Jones paints target on himself

I like a lot of what Alex Jones on, but I personally don't like him bragging about how nice his car is, advertising his wares.

I have bought a lot of what he sells, often. I bought more when there was less advertising. I have liked most of the herbs he sells, and have reordered often.

One of the recurring advertisements shows Alex Jones' personal car. I think that is a bad idea. Remember Michael Hastings? [Wikipedia Post]

Alex Jones likes to use his cell phone while he drives. The GPS locator is active on his phone. Newer cars can be tracked in real time, because of what electronics they have in them. Alex Jones posts a picture of what he drives. So, those who hate him, can see where the car is parked.

A wind up toy sent out by the Deep State can just see him out in his car, and get tipped off by the Deep State of when, and where, Alex Jones will be.

Donald Trump may not have been elected to President without Alex Jones. Vladimir Putin and Russia might have been painted as the villains they are not if the Deep State had total control of the Internet and what media can put out.

Who are the real enemies in my opinion? Well. it is the Dema Communist Rats, the UN, international banksters, The Federal Reserve, most billionaires, corporate organized crime, and those who are trafficking drugs using the military industrial complex transports.

I'm alive, mostly over all the Deep State has done to destroy my life, and aware because of what Retired Hartford Connecticut Detective Rich Murzin, now deceased, did for me, and was there for me when no one else was. There should be a statue of Richard Murzin erected if America remains a country with an intact US Constitution as he has done so much and is an unsung hero.

I hope Alex Jones stops quacking about how nice his car is. I was his age and had a corvette. So, I did the same thing. Cops told me that I wasn't allowed to have a Corvette, talk to women in Connecticut, and I was kicked out of the state ... long story.

After I got mouthy about the Deep State, maybe 1/100,000th as strong as Alex Jones, my cell phone was used to track me. I would go out to a bar, I would put the battery in my cell phone, and then I would walk home and their would be a cop waiting near where I parked in wherever was home, and this I have tested for well over a decade.


The OBVIOUS murder of Michael Hastings


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