Saturday, December 22, 2018

Stealth White US Holocaust?

There is a study that states that 1/3 of Americans are thinking of leaving the US at some point regardless if they are Democrat, Republican, or other political leaning. What could be their individual reasons to not trust the operators of the US with their presence, voting with their feet? [link to study]

I personally have noticed an all out flood of African continent residents somehow just showing up and getting some pretty impressive housing in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and elsewhere. Connecticut might be losing even more exiting that hell hole if they didn't have more of the 3rd World moving in to make some of Connecticut even more of a 3rd World turd of a state.

Who is funding the 3rd World coming in US in droves? Well I think it is the UN and the international police union is a useful UN tool.

Police refused to answer 911 calls and if they showed up where I wanted to make a complaint, police told me I could only be arrested for something if police were on scene, they weren't allowed to serve me. I could only get a BBQ, criminally or civilly, in court, also due to [being blacklisted].

So the system was out to break up my family, make me lose my contracting business (my job), use their illegal police surveillance of my phone and internet use to break up my family and ruin my great reputation, credit, retirement, financial future, cause my divorce, estrangement from my only daughter, and the officer who was stalking and harassing me, Frank Prochaska, told me that if I didn't leave my wife because he wanted a chance with her, he have my father disown me.

So, even if you aren't doing anything wrong, unlimited surveillance doesn't make you freer. The US Constitution is our rules for government. We'd should allow the outside banker/corporate/UN coup that has overthrown us with stealth, to throw out our rules for our being governed and being represented for our taxation.

Please pay attention to what a UN scam the EU is. The 3rd World is flooding into the EU. EU (UN) troops are to be in the streets to keep countries borderless. Look at what the UN is attempting to do and US and how much 3rd World influx there is into the US. Obama gave control of the Internet to the UN, how is the censorship, especially on Youtube, social media, and news reporting platforms working out for you?

I was totally screwed pursuing the American Dream.

Then I see the 3rd World coming in being handed everything, getting houses. I was terrorized out of my home, business, and the divorce caused by the UN/International Police Union run minions of the coup, police officers in the US. The Judicial Branch and Justice System is likewise infiltrated and acting to dismantle the US Constitution and US sovereignty.

So, I too, and am looking for a country to be "free" and "American" at same time to live out my life in. I completely have lost faith in the US being legitimately run. Trump is definitely a breath of fresh air for me. Alex Jones of Infowars is as well. 

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Even US probate court is out to screw you. Try and get an inheritance and lawyers, the courts, and even the government are out to steal all, or most of it. [video

If it were not for police listening to my phone calls, trolling my internet use. I would still own a home, be a viable taxpayer, have credit, would possibly still be married, would have my daughter and maybe more children in my life, my family, contracting business, rental properties, and vacation property. The police used criminal parasites on humanity, police informants on probation, to dismantle my life.

You pay taxes to have drugs smuggled into US, for your enslavement, prostitution, pedophilia, terrorism, property and asset confiscation of innocent citizens, family break up, and the dismantling of the US Constitution. Productive citizens are being made non-productive, and/or are being forced to support the 3rd World for a US implosion.

F the Central Bankers. F The UN. F the International Police Union.

Abort the UN out of US. The police should be allowed to have a union. It should not be mandatory, and it should not be international. The internal police union who can also be for teachers, judicial and legislative aids, all minions in the alphabet agencies, and too much of what is the US. The international police union, and financial obstruction of justice, is treason.

Allowing criminals to run the private corporation to run the US Economy, The Federal Reserve, instead of having an asset backed currency, a legitimate US Dollar, is treason.


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