Tuesday, January 15, 2019



I don't 100% agree with anyone. That includes Alex Jones.  But if you piss off that many people, and your speech is banned off the liberal led press, and outlets, you can't be all bad. Too many have Trump derangement syndrome. I should be able to wear a tee shirt supporting our US President who won the election without being banned from establishments, yelled at, and fearing being beaten up, arrested, and having my life altered. 

What if we switched what is being said by the globalist coup about Trump, and then said the same about that piece of trash, Barack Hussein Obama? 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hate Dema Commie Rats, the UN, the EU, the international police and teacher union, and any international union. I hate cashless societies. I hate the Federal Reserve and the criminal Central Bankers. I hate corporate organized crime such as Monsanto. 

If you live in the US, we need to deport the UN. Look at what has happened in the EU, and what is happening. The US is a few years behind the EU in the total globalist takeover of everything. 

That is why there is such an attack out there on Christians. They want to leave a better world behind, believe in community, the family, and fairness. We can't have that, can we ... if we support globalism ... right?

The same B.S. that is Global Warming, now Climate Change, is just an international tax, a takeover.

The UN, the EU, and the Globalists want to control all land, resources, finances, everything, and want to own you as a slave. You are a product. You are expendable. You don't matter. 

Lawyers are the biggest traitors. If Shakespeare is a real person, didn't he advocate the death of all lawyers?
Lawyers don't want guns in the hands of the people. They want all of your money in their hands for YOUR process of life.
If we don't have guns, we should have plenty of rope when it is time to go visit lawyers during a power outage or national emergency. Lawyers pledge an oath to each other, globally. Lawyers are legislators legislating for more money and power for lawyers. Those who are attorneys are those whom are the daydreams of a high percentage of average people to receive the cruelest torture, and the longest, most painful medieval sort of death. 

Disclaimer: I don't advocate any violence, I'm just promoting a screenplay that I am in the process of writing. 

Why should I be pissed?

Well ...




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