Thursday, April 04, 2019

2nd American Civil War?

There is outside money and influence coming into the US. Why should the UN be in charge of the internet? Why should Communist leaning Democrats get the largest voice on the internet, on air, and for what is claimed to be mainstream media?

The First Amendment is about having a free voice to dissent.

The 2nd Amendment is for us to more easily kill communists who aren't welcome here in the US.

We are a sovereign country. Are land, our wealth, our US Constitution is being hijacked.

Trump is pissing off all the Communist vermin there are. They are showing their faces.

It is time to kick the UN out of the US. It is time to put Dema Communist Rats in prison after fair trials, and hang all the traitors from gallows after they are legitimately found guilty.

We live in an age where the FBI should be indicted under the RICO statute. We live in an age where there should be no more titles of nobility. I am talking about judges. No one should be above the law. Have just one judge in your pocket, and other judges will fix other cases with a phone call.

How many judges does Hillary Clinton have in her pocket?

We need a people's grand jury system. We need private investigators that can't have their licenses pulled and their files randomly raided by State Police as they are in Connecticut, and possibly other states. We need a peoples Supreme Grand Jury. Throw all the bums who call themselves judges off their benches and their dirty robes that they masturbate under as they harm average Americans, and America itself.

Look at the European Union. The 3rd World is flooding in to destabilize nationalism, and national identity. It is paying tax to the World State. It is taxation without representation.

The 3rd World is flooding into the US. Illegals are able to drive drunk, murder, and rip us all off and most don't get deported or prosecuted.

It's a coup, people!

The only good communist is a dead communist.






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