Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Alex Jones CIA Flypaper for the Resistance?

Alex Jones of Inforwars.com was seen shirtless tonight on his website.

If the CIA, or other entities wanted to control the narrative, they'd show each other that they are in control, not legitimate government, or the "people", by showing someone doing something that they normally wouldn't do. Alex Jones need to sell items to finance his media tentacles. I am not saying Alex Jones in bad.

But we the people are basically bags of water. There can be a lot to do that will disrupt a bag of water.

It is normal on the Alex Jones websites to see males, and Alex Jones without his shirt on. An overweight, balding, middle age man isn't Big Foot seen on Miami Beach.

But, it you ever see Alex Jones in a dress, wearing lipstick on his show, you'll know the jig is up. The CIA does actually run everything, and the Big Bankers are their masters of everything, including the Communists that are the UN.

I like Trump. I don't love him.

I hate the UN. The UN should be kicked out of the US.

I don't dislike Putin and what he is doing for Russia. With all the blood in my veins, I have a lot in common with Ukraine. I don't like how the worst humans in the history of the world, trace down the Rothchilds' lineage, and we are all literally under the gun.

So, all the people in the world, which includes the rich who aren't affiliated with the criminal bankers, all who are left in the middle, and the poor, are all being screwed over by the way less that a small piece of 1%.

The common enemy isn't each other. If I had a blue candle, and it was in the shape of a helmet, I put piece an ice pick right into it ...

There is a choice. There is Freedom or Tyranny, as a choice. Even if it is your last breath of air, do you care for what you leave behind as your own personal legacy?


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