Sunday, August 11, 2019

The US without a Constitution is New Soviet Union

The above drawing, one of a kind, was purchased for $40 US in Odessa, Ukraine, from a street artist in the town square

Are there whistle-blowers going to former Soviet Block countries to seek political asylum? Do you ever think you'd see that day?

Journalists, cops, criminals, big mouths, officials, bankers, and so many who know too much are being murdered, or just all of a sudden, die of natural causes.

There are 6 Hollywood Studies that all seem to have foreign ownership bent on destroying US sovereignty, and dismantling the US Constitution. I fear using any "trigger" words as there seems to be no Free Speech protected on the internet. Who actually is in charge of censoring the internet? Who do they wish to silence?

Was is blasted 24 hours a day on mainstream media, network "news", print publications, and social media seems to be biased ultra left and nation states and the individual are under attack.

This blogger has considered asking Mexico, Ukraine, Iceland, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Russia, and other countries if they would allow a "US Constitution Zone," to exist in their country. For one, it would promote tourism. If the US Constitution actually applied to Americans, would Americans flock to where they could be free, and American, at the same time?

If I do write such a letter, I will carbon copy the US State Department and the current president's campaign headquarters. This blogger has never given to a presidential campaign. The current president was given a monthly pledge from me, monthly, until the election. Is is painful. The current president seems to be against Free Speech and an amendment after the Free Speech Amendment in recent speeches, this saddens me.

Without a constitution, and its protections, what is America? It is quickly becoming a 3rd World Country, without borders. How is the EU working out for those nation states? See a pattern in the EU? Is the same game plan to make the US a similar slave to criminals who are international, who are the controllers of the internet?

If a certain party is "elected" in, will the US still exist? I am already making plans to live outside of what could be the worst war zone since World War II, inside the US. The writing is on the wall. Have you ever seen so much division and blatant propaganda right in your face?


Blogger Unknown said...

How about Panama? I see lots of ex-pats there. Cheap rent, lots of entertainment, serene landscape... it's a paradise and hopefully safe.

Saturday, August 17, 2019 9:11:00 PM  

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