Thursday, September 12, 2019

Make the US Constitution Safe from Gun Control

In all countries that took on gun control to limit citizen rights, there were public shootings that could have been government operative inspired. It is the cheapest way for UN, international corporations, bankers, billionaires, spy agencies, and their globalist criminal friends to take possession of all property, assets, resources, water, and energy. They can then tax us to breathe.

Without Free Speech, you don't have any say over who governs you. Without the 2nd Amendment, you have no property rights, and women, you have no rights over your body. Rape goes up off the charts as cops can rape and sexually assault women as they please.

Social media is preventing one side of the political spectrum from speaking. Accounts are terminated, information is being censored. The mainstream media want to cause a global recession, but banging your brain with that thought, just so one US President doesn't get re-elected. So, the left, UN, communists, banksters, and corporate organized crime will go to extreme lengths to nullify and abolish the US Constitution. With out the US Constitution enforced, we are just serfs on a landlord's prison farm/factory. 

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